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Chill on "Special Cards"

Lets pump the breaks on special cards here for a bit... We have team leaders, all these legends, we have goats, and we have pre season players and team of the week and so forth.

These random out of no where flash back players have just killed steady markets. I mean its nice that BETTER cards are cheaper.... but it just destroys anyone who paid base value for this cards.

On xbox - and 88 corner was 280k + in the evenings.....

All of a sudden a random Byron Maxwell comes out at 89 Overall and is selling all day at 150k.

This destroys anyone who has bought an 88+ corner, making them essentially minus 130k+ Coins to get a player 1 less overall than is flooding the market right now.

Whats more, is now "everyone" is going to be having a 89 corner... all for dirt cheap making online play even worse than it already is on MUT.


  • I can't get over someone saying 150K is "dirt cheap". That said, yeah... they're flooding the market with these things. In Madden 16 (the last game I had) they kept giving away high rated players just for signing in. Then... two weeks later they would drop back down to a 70 rating. I ended up with a team, that by the names, SOUNDED great on paper (Antonio Brown, Gronk, OBJ, LeSean, etc.) except they were ALL rated at 70. It was pretty weird and I thought it ruined the players by being rated so low.
  • Haha dirt cheap was not meant directly, it was meant in comparison to what the market was previously at. I to, did not like having these "amazing players" with 70 overall stats. That is why I am not into these team leader cards, or kick off cards. Why do I want a 70 Julio Jones, when in Play Now he is a 95+ and in MUT he is a 90? Seems odd.

    But ya, anyway, just too many cards too early.... Did we really need Latavius Murray to be one of the top and most affordable backs in the game?

    Especially when Oakland moved on from him.... and he has like 15 yards in 2 games with the Vikings... Yet he is currently the most overused back in UT......
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