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X1- OBAFL : Looking for 3 Mature Coaches. 21 and up league.

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Week 4 !

Teams Open

Jags 2-5 CPU Roster untouched
49ers 0-7 CPU Roster untouched
Colts 1-6 CPU Rosters untouched

Welcome to OBA Nation and thank you first and foremost for showing interest in learning more about us !
We our a 21 and up mature league for the working adult Coach.


We believe that both Madden and football share one very important aspect together. It's a game a of Inches .... Football is a chest match in this league first and foremost. It's about game planning and gaining that extra yard, lets not forget some luck at times !

What we as a league our looking for in YOU !
  1. Active in Madden
  2. Can follow Rules
  3. Be proactive in game scheduling with opponent
  4. Go through a interview process with staff in a Party Chat

League Advances- Monday and Thursday at 6pm EST ( Adult League Only)

Game Play- Competitive
Skill Level:( Custom Sliders)
8 Min QTRS
Auto-Clock Run-off: 20 Sec
Injuries: ON
Fatigue: ON
Trades: ON- (Read Rules for new members must play one full season to show your long term)

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