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EA, EA, EA... I'm kind of shaking my head right now because I'm embarrassed for you. I consider myself to be a reasonable 'complainer.' The issues that I point out with this game are all reasonable. I understand that it's only a video game thus has limitations. With that said, in 2017 and two consoles, neither I nor any one else should ever say "but All Pro Football2k8...." But with this 15 year old blocking mechanics that you still use, again, it's kind of embarrassing.

Crank up APF and study their blocking. You will see the lineman actually drive their blocker backwards. For a videogame, it's quite beautiful. But alas... in the game I played last night, my 97 rated guard executed a trap block. I give you all the props in the world.., the start of the play went beautifully. The RG traps and all of the other linemen did their jobs, therefore the RG was charging forward towards the SS. In real life, the RG would have plowed over and through the safety, something I foolishly expected to see. But instead, my RG dances with the SS only to be tossed aside that that same animation that has been used for the last 10 years. Again... it's embarrassing. I am beyond my controller-tossing days.

I do not think you are "lazy." I know that's a common criticism that these millennials toss around. But your priorities are seriously misguided. I go back to Madden 11 and that god awful 'fight for the fumble' nonsense. Or this "longshot" business. You put your resources in stuff that no one asked for. And I know how you guys work... "longshot" will get more and more resources thrown at it, thus, taking away from stuff that you should actually be working on.

Ok... I've procrastinated enough now. Just had to get this off my chest, though it's not like you're actually reading this.


  • There are plenty of run plays in which it seems every time I run them there's at least 2-3 defenders in the backfield.
  • Yet the CPU a.i. blocks perfectly, with lineman running circles around my players to block everyone in their path. I just want the blocking to be the same. If my players don't block, then the CPU players shouldn't block. After all, players play to their ratings on simulation, right? No more making the CPU players superhuman??? Yeah... Ok...
  • When the cpu wants to score their blocking is immaculate
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