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Any advice or tools for creating custom playbooks?

I'd like to create a custom playbook for use in offline CFM, but what ends up happening is I go through a formation and pick the sets/plays I like, and I only get through one formation (i.e. Strong I, Single-back, or shotgun) and I easily have 300+ plays. I'm having a tough time with two things: 1) narrowing down the plays I pick, and 2) ignoring plays that when I miss when I test the playbook out.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can more efficiently pick plays for my playbook? Or does anyone know of any tools that will help you?

(I've played a lot of MMOs and most of those have a talent calculator online somewhere, is there something like that for Madden playbooks?)


  • It's nothing that you are doing wrong. From what I am hearing, this is one of the (many) glitches in this game. I haven't personally experienced this but I've seen enough to know it's a real issue.

    I don't know what you can really do, other than waiting for a patch.
  • Is it a glitch? I thought I was just selecting too many plays.

    I also end up with shotgun relabeled as Hail Mary and that is a glitch.
  • Anyone know of any tools that can help me plan my playbook?
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