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Madden 18 Franchise job offer problem

I am starting my 3rd year as a UDFA, and I have a job offer! I can accept, decline, or wait a week. Only one problem: I have absolutely no details as to what the offer is! I don't know how long it's for, or how much it is. How can I view this?


  • Does anyone know why I can't see the job offer before I accept?
  • I accepted the offer, because the background of the offer was my team's. After I checked my info in roster/contract info. Turns out, I signed an extension with my team. So, if you see a job offer, the team in the bar of good the job offer is the team offering. Accepting is, unfortunately, blindly accepting the terms of the offer from that team. Fortunately, there is finally an answer to our question.
  • How can you see the details though? I have the same issue with my LB. My team is offering me an extension, but I cant see the details like length or amount. Am i just supposed to blindly accept the offer without knowing the details?
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