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Camera angles when playing as WR

Playing-as-a-player in franchise, I have a problem with the camera angles. Now, it's a LOT better in Madden 18 that I can select Wide or All-22 instead of being limited to player lock, but I still have problems on a few of the camera angles, especially as a Wide Receiver.
  • Player Lock: As I've stated in the past, the Player Lock camera isn't functional as a WR. You can't pick where you're looking, and so you often don't see anything of use, including where you're going or where your QB is.
  • Wide: The Wide camera angle often doesn't show the Wide Receiver. This makes it very hard for me to get my release when I can't see myself or the CB.
  • All-22: In general, the All-22 is the best for playing WR, except the camera tends to drift upward either near your own goal line (like it's hitting an invisible wall at the back of the end zone) or sometimes in the middle of the play. When that happens, you get a birds eye view of yourself and have absolutely no vision downfield.

If there was an Ultra-Wide camera angle wide enough to see the WR, or if the All-22 didn't drift up and take away your vision, then the problem would be resolved.

On a semi-related note, it would be nice if there was a way to pick my type of release before the snap. So that hitting Square doesn't bring up the audible menu, for example.
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