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MUT Squad Improvements

First off, let me say that this is one of the best original modes to hit the MUT in a LONG time. That said, it is still really rough around the edges and needs some issues addressed and bugs fixed. Here is my top 10 list that have occurred many times during gameplay in MUT Squads.

1. Head Coach needs to be able to call time outs...seriously, how was this overlooked.
2. On disconnects, it would be nice if players were given the option to reconnect to the game they were playing or quit and lose rewards. Why should players be punished for server and IP issues?
3. Regular online camera angles for QB
4. There should be a Defensive bolster when a team goes for it on 4th down and they are winning or in their own territory. WHY too easy to convert in this game on 4th. Make people play normalish football and punt on 4th and 12.
5. Defensive captain should be able to see their playbook at at all times between plays and should NOT have to wait for the offense to choose a play first. Why only give defense 13 sec to pick a play? If it is a critical point in the game, that can be a real handicap, especially if you are unfamiliar with the defense. Just have it so the defense CANT pick a play until the offense does.
6. Better deep ball coverage (especially post routes) by the safeties.
7. Rookie level kicking meter or something completely different. Buttons don't seem to register half the time.
8. Need the ability to play with only 2 people and/or auto launch with only 2 people after 2:30 of waiting.
9. User controlled players on offense sometimes won't move at the snap of the ball.
10. Head Coach needs the ability to adjust conservative/balanced/aggressive stance of offense and defense. Just have a message pop up when something changes so teammates know what is going on.
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