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THE LEAGUE: Madden 18 Online Franchise (PS4) Starting Season 1 soon!

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FIRST OFF: YOU MUST APPLY! Here is the link to do so!

This is a simulation playing league. PLAY REAL! I will send rules when you join!

Here is your opportunity to get in a league that is just starting out instead of taking over a team in a league that is well into the first season or beyond.

THE LEAGUE is a PS4 league that will be All-Pro set and on default sliders. People joining can be Coach or Owner and doesn't matter if custom or not.

This will be a 48-hour advance league with general SIM rules.

We are already more than half full! PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT TEAM YOU WANT.

Groupme is a MUST as all league communication will be conducted through that site.!
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