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Ranked Games - Support the Use of Injured Players

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I have been playing this game since 1993, and I am officially over not being able to use injured players. I don't play this game to play with back-ups and if Gronk or Greg Olsen are injured in real life, I don't care. People should be able to use those guys in ranked games. It doesn't do the game any service to take away good players from teams. People who play online ranked games should be able to use teams at their best. Updated rosters are fine depending on how players have been performing, and if a guy gets hurt, just keep his ranking from the last week he played. I have talked to a ton of users during games and no one I have talked to likes this feature of the game where injured players are ineligible. Please reply to support this so the admins can remove this useless/hindering feature.


  • The rosters are the way they are to reflect realism.
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  • The rosters are the way they are to reflect realism.

    Ya because we play Madden to use Andre Ellington and really care about using the real rosters with injuries. That's a ton of fun. So if your team's best player tears his ACL you can't use him for the entire season in Madden. I don't care about that anymore.
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    I can tell you right now his will never happen. If a player is injured in real life, he will be injured in the game the very next roster update. This not only happens in Madden, but all of the other sports games as well.
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