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The game is flooded with Bugs

I have been patient to see if anything will be patched properly. Madden 18 is unplayable. I am more of a Franchise player but do play MUT occasionally. I play on All-Madden ( or try to). The game when playing on All-Madden is insanely unrealistic and scripted. When the proper read is made the cpu always makes Godly recoveries. The game is broken and from what i have been reading online it may be even worse than what i have experienced. I cant believe that they still haven't fixed the fumble recoveries stat not being tracked in franchise mode since launch. I am sure that wouldn't be a brain surgeon type of fix. So many glitches and weird things happen every time i try and play. I want to give the game and its developers the benefit of doubt but there is so much wrong with the game that makes it unplayable for more than 10 minutes. Any news on when a Patch will be released in the near future?
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