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Recording Madden Game Film

Sup guys,

Some of you know me, some of you don't. I like to consider myself a Madden player's best friend - especially if you play Head-to-Head online or offline. For me, nothing has helped me become a better Madden player than recording my games. I've recorded virtually every game I've played since Madden 11.

I can say, WITHOUT A DOUBT, that recording my games is the best single thing I've done to improve my winning percentage over the past 6 years. It helps me pinpoint, minimize, and eliminate mistakes in every area of the game like:
  • Switching on defense and diving on the ground
  • Reading coverage
  • Managing the clock better
  • Recognize blocking schemes in run plays
  • etc...

Sometimes I post my games to my Youtube channel (wins and losses), sometimes I keep them to myself. But I pick one day a week to review games and critique my performance. During losing streaks, I look for the bad habits that cost games and even watch how my opponents are attacking me to decide what to do next time I see the same tactics.

Although I don't practice often, when I do, it's productive because I'm practicing against things I'm preforming poorly against on film; but because I'm watching the game instead of playing my perspective allows me to see the open guy that I missed during my progressions during the game.

So I was wondering... How many people simulate the film study aspect of the NFL when they play Madden? If so, do you keep the games indefinitely? What devices do you use? Do you upload the footage to a video channel for public viewing? What's the link to your channel? And most importantly, what do you learn about yourself and how you play Madden?



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