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So my RB is absolutely terrible as a receiver/returner because controls are screwed up

Playing offline CFM as a running back:

1. I cannot signal that I'm open, even if I'm wide open. This is a problem because signalling that I was open helped my QB to more accurately target me. (Been an issue for a few patches)
2. When the ball is thrown my way, it doesn't matter if I hit X, Square, or Triangle, I don't even try to catch it. The ball sails past me. This is a problem because I basically have to pick pass plays where I am only blocking. (Recent issue)
3. When I'm returning a kickoff, most of the time Square doesn't work to take a knee in the end zone. I've tried holding it, tapping it before catching the ball, tapping it after catching the ball, and repeatedly tapping it. Sometimes I will dive, slowly get up, and then get tackled at the 5 yard line. The announcers then berate me for taking it out, even though I'm not trying to. I have since decided to return every kickoff, even if it would be unwise to do so, because trying to kneel is worse than not kneeling. (Issue since game launched)

I get it if I lose a game because I made errors, whether in decision-making or in technique. I hate losing games because the game itself is broken. This is absolutely ridiculous.
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