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XB1- OBA looking for quality mature 21 and up Coaches. Off season starts Wednesday night 11-29-17

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OBA has openings for a couple teams that were CPU CONTROLED teams throughout the whole season rosters kept intact. If you're a mature 21 and up active coach looking for a good competitive league please message me.

Teams Open- Falcons. Browns, Colts, Bengals, 49ers.

49ers got Grappolo in trade.

Draft Pick order for each team above is as followed.

Browns- 4th Pick
Colts- 6th Pick
Bengals- 5th Pick
49ers- 1st Pick
Falcons- 28th Pick
XBOX GT: PigSkinRodeo

This is a competitive style league.

We advance every Monday and Thursday night

Check us out to learn rules.


8 min QTRS
Injuries- ON
League Style setup- Competitive
Must complete one full season before you can make a trade.
(Further detail in league rules of website.)
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