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Madden Mobile Tournament Reward Tier Issue

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edited December 2017
My complaint is in regard to the weekend tournament which showcased the Thanksgiving and Black Friday promotion and ended Nov 26th, with the rewards given out Monday Nov 27th.

For this specific tournament the tier 5 reward required 30 wins. The tournament leaderboard showed that the top 1% required more than 60 wins so I planned to stop at exactly 30. I’m sure I won all 30 games, and I’m sure it took me well over 45 tickets to do so. Think I had to buy three tickets for my last two wins with Madden Cash.

The following day when I logged in, I was only granted 4 out of the 5 reward tiers.

After receiving the rewards I got a notification of that I had won the 30th game. A notification I also got before I logged out of the game the night before. I assume this is why.. though I am very confused as to how… this happened.

I’m sure I got the notification of my 30th win before I logged out of the game. But I don’t have screen shots… not of the first notification, or of the second notification saying i won the game after only getting 4 tiers. I appreciate that for this kind of issue having screenshots is my responsibility.

I've had issues in the past with the Top 5-1% player cards... haven't gotten a couple cards I was sure I had locked up, but with so many players CRUSHING tournaments I've just written those off. But not getting credit for the 30th win, is a major hit. That tier alone was 10 wins... when most tournaments only require 15 total. That's a lot of tickets.

Been in touch with EA customer service, and they were professional as well as supportive, but all they could offer as compensation was a pro pack.

Thank you for writing back.

I really appreciate your efforts for providing us all the information.Please let me share that these are part of an the elite tier of rewards. These are rewards which are granted by the studio team. If you want to give feedback regarding this, I would request you to post it on the game forums, as forums is the best way to directly interact with the game developers.

It is sad that we at customer experience, can only help with issues in the game itself, we cannot make changes or correct game bugs.

We at EA customer service make every attempt to resolve each issue, but sometimes a resolution is simply not possible due to problems beyond our control. For your inconvenience, please accept my personal apology that this problem has negatively affected you.

However for inconvenience caused the best I can do is to offer you 1 pro pack from my end if you agree to it. I do understand that this may not fully compensate you for the inconvenience faced; however, it can definitely help you to make some quick progress in the game.


Taking a pretty big hit on this loss... as I have 24/25 Top 100 90 OVR collectables and am about to spend them to get the card I was suppose to have won, instead of using those collectables to train that card.

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