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DeShuan Watson

Hes probably faster than a 84, take a look of some pre-injury game film. Dude is a beast. EA should try to allow the user to control the QB so he can move in the pocket like some of these young mobile QBs (Wilson, Cam, Watson, Wentz, Dak) right now its like quick sand, no blocking, and you usually drift and hit your own lineman in the back. Its takes way to long to scrabble: its like hit R trigger, wait two ticks, okay here we go on scramble.

Alvin Kamara is an 86 overall but just 89 SP??!! I'm not sure what NFL your watching but dude obviously is faster than most running backs and players for that matter. He can have all the BCV and ELU in the world, but if he doenst have the SP, hes not making plays. Kamara should be like a 94 SP so we can put some work in with him. Hes arguably a top 5 back this year, because hes fast **** and agile. 89?
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