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Terrible business practices HELP!

I’ve just spent 1.5 hours on chat and phone only to have your customer service dept to tell me to post here. I hav a case number and would rather keep this stuff confidential so if someone could message me. I have a case number and spend a lot of real money on mut.


  • I just bought the 100$ bundle and the content was completly unacceptable. I got a case number. Hope your problem gets fixed
  • jG00N89
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    This company is such a joking its unreal that why I've sent sent letters and talked with my state reps it's fine of you want to rip off your customers but this dda should be illegal for games with micro transactions so sorry to tell you you up stats creek with no paddle

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  • Yup this is **** bought new $100 combine bundle 7/15 backs had the same 86+ card in it along with another 4 of the same 86+ card just for EA support to tell me to post on forum and they won't help
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