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What are the Communities Top Franchise Mode requests for Madden NFL 19?

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Also, What features would you most like to see added? This was tweeted out about an hour again by Rex, the Creative Director of Madden. Let's come up with some great, constructive feedback that he and the Development team can use going forward.

Please keep this thread clean and on topic so I can send him the link to this so he and the Dev team can view it. Thanks guys!
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  • Bodacious league meeting priorities.
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  • How about full special teams depth charts, and ratings. Tgere are many players in the NFL who have made a career on special teams but would be the first cuts based on ratings at their skill positions.

    Also, coordinators that have an impact, like their own playbook and boosts to players.
  • 1) The ability the reset a played game.

    2) The ability to save a leagues roster progress and restore that roster, owners in CFM sometimes feel the need to drop their star players to Free Agency and then quit the league leaving the league commissioner and new owner at a huge disadvantage.

    3) Waiver Wire for players released in FA like the real NFL.

    4) Smart App rookie drafting for those who have to work during a leagues draft.

    5) Female created coaches option (We have 2 females who play in our CFM's).

    6) 3 vs 3 CFM that works much like 3 vs 3 in MUT, create yourself as a player or simply switch to who you want to control.
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    Franchise pre-week squares off. A way to control long range objectives and speed up game planning.
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  • First of all ,, this year madden look great
    but still using repeat animations and cut scenes presentation but it less than ever ,,, just some of it that need to be fix
    like you would see the kick return doing the same routines crapping his hands for every games it’s the same animations for every players , for madden 18 it can’t be add animations anymore but what ea could do is change camera angles to somewhere else focus on fans or other players instead of using the same cams on every games and focus on the same players all the time and see the same animations for every players it looks boring and not real life but the next NFL game it should all be change to another level using life animation presentations not just cut scenes ,, nba2k and fifa does it for many years already , we never see that on Madden yet ,,, improve please real time actions

    and i have issues i can’t sign up for my MUT rewards it said my email already been used

  • I’ll bite:

    Section 1: Play as a Player in Franchise Mode needs a lot of work

    1A) Starters should not be on the field 100% of the time, especially in rotation positions like RB. I think most teams the starting RB gets 95%+ of the snaps, the 2nd RB gets whatever remains, and the 3rd gets nothing. I set myself to instant starter, because otherwise I can't play.

    1B) Start with less stats and more experience to give us a better choice in how our character is built (especially injury/toughness, make us choose that)

    1C) Better information for the player as to what they are doing, especially in contract negotiations. There are several times you have to choose to accept or deny a “deal” without knowing what the deal is (i.e. extension, option), what the value is, or what the consequences are if you do not accept it (will it send you to free agency or end your career).

    1D) Allowing us to use the regular camera angles in play-as-a-player was a big step forward, but WRs I think need a camera built for them. If I’m player locked I can’t see the field properly, and if I’m in one of the regular camera angles I usually can’t see myself.

    1E) More player options, such as kicker and punter.

    1F) More of a role for my player on special teams (i.e. punt coverage)

    1G) Better blocking mechanics when playing a RB or blocking on Special Teams (as in, the player as a blocker)

    1H) No requirement for my Tight End, who is blocking on a Field Goal, to control the kick of the Field Goal

    1I) Quality of life fixes from the current version: make “I’m open” signal work again, make it so that when I push square in the end zone on a kickoff, I will kneel down

    Section 2: What do I control?

    2A) Player, coach, and GM should all have different amounts of control by default, but there should be options to give or take control.

    2B) By default, players should not call plays. Offensive players other than the quarterback should not call audibles. Defense players that are not captains should not be allowed to call audibles. However, audibles can be added, and playcalls can be added to the player’s control.

    2C) Coaches should include coordinators (offense, defense, special teams), or the head coach. Coordinators should not have control over the other phases of the game.

    2D) By default, coaches should not have control over the personnel, but should make week-to-week strategy decisions and call the game. Coaches should be allowed to play, watch, or sim the game. Head coaches should be allowed to pick which phases of the game they control or sim. Coaches can add personnel control.

    2E) By default, the GM is in charge of the players, while the coaches are in charge of their development and weekly strategy. GM can add any level of control a coach can have. GMs are also the only ones who can relocate the club.

    2F) Maybe an “Owner” option

    2G) Special Teams sim should allow the player to pick specifically which special teams plays they handle (including FG/PAT, Kickoff, Punt, Kickoff Return, and Punt Return).

    2H) Option to make the coin toss an in-game feature instead of an option chosen before the loading screen, to immerse in the game a little bit.

    Section 3: Player Development and Presentation

    3A) There should be an option to do lesson + drill or only the drill when doing weekly training (in addition the sim option), when playing as a player

    3B) The coach should be able to select whether players get experience boosts or game boosts. For example, I may want to give my 2nd string players more XP, but give my starters +3 to all stats for the game (which they don’t keep). If I do this all year, my starters will have barely changed, but my 2nd stringers will have made huge strides. For a game against the Browns, maybe I want to give everyone an XP boost, and for a game against the Patriots I may want to give everyone a game boost.

    3C) Drive Goals are fun when they fit what I want to do, and annoying when they’re the exact opposite, because I feel like I’m giving up XP to do what I want to do. There should be an option at the start of each drive to choose between a couple of goals.

    3D) Playcalling needs the ability to pick what strategy you want. Sometimes I want the hurry up and the game chooses “chew clock”.

    3E) Ability to set how long “chew clock” takes the clock down to. I’d prefer 15 seconds instead of 10.

    3F) More descriptions on the ratings. They’re getting better, but they can get better still.

    3G) A consistency stat which controls game-to-game variations in stats. For example, a player with 40 consistency and 95 catching might have 95 catching one game, and 65 the next, but a player with 90 consistency and 90 catching will only range from 85-90 catching from game-to-game. (Physical stats wouldn’t vary, or wouldn’t vary as much)
    3H) Ratings for players as they fit into scheme and/or have time to work with each other. A freshly made team with offensive linemen that have never seen each other before and a rookie QB shouldn’t function nearly as good as a team where the OL have worked together for 2 full years and the 6th-year QB has had the same top receiver for a year and his #2 receiver and TE have been on the team for 3 years as well.

    Section 4: Creation Center and Customization

    (This is semi-related to CFM as I want to use creation center for CFM)

    4A) Easier way to create large quantities of players to make an entirely custom team. This could include easier ways to create multiple players, easier ways to clear a team, or even a custom team creation center.

    4B) A web browser app that I can use to create a playbook on my PC using my keyboard and mouse, which I can then save and download onto my PS4 to use in-game.

    4C) Custom Plays. This was in Madden 2000. Come on.

    4D) Quicker ways to edit ratings on players, to include:
    • A button to move all stats up or down, instead of one at a time
    • Buttons to move stats up or down by 10, instead of by one
    • Buttons to move stats to 99 or 0
    • (Hey, it’s fun to set a player to 99 overall)
    4E) Easier way to move players from team to team in custom roster management. If I want to play with a dream team, I should be able to. (And don’t say “MUT” because I don’t play that pay-to-win garbage. MUT is the competitive version of building a dream team, I should be able to do so offline with a game I paid this much money for).
    4F) Better presentation in the customization center. There’s more information available in Franchise than there is in the customization center.
    4G) Ability to create a face instead of picking a face template. This is going to be released in 2018, it should have a face creation center.

    That’s all I got off the top of my head.

  • The suggestion I have for Madden NFL 19 is when choosing to relocate a team, you should have the customization options you have when creating a 32nd NHL team in NHL 18. Here is an example of the options:

    I feel that this would give the game a more creative aspect instead of EA Sports giving you the specific, already designed uniforms and logo.
    Feel free to send this to EA Sports officials so they get the message.
  • After you win the Superbowl and go through all the off season stuff....The very first home game of the regular season the following year (Not the first home game for preseason) ..The stadium should hoist the Superbowl banner or plaque....Make the crowd go nuts and make a huge presentation about it.....I think it would really add some realizm ....I recall them doing this in the EA NHL franchise few years ago and it was neat......Happy Holidays EA
  • Old Madden games used to allow you to match up your best CB on the other team's best WR and be strategic about who covers who. Madden '19 needs to bring this feature back--its way too easy to avoid a good corner by just putting the WR in the slot or on the other side, and the defense isn't able to adjust in any way.

    Make the game so defenses can adjust and its a little more of a chess game.
  • Would love to see the commentators actually say the names of drafted rookies in franchise mode
  • would also like to see more fan interaction...Like fans chanting ...hot dog vendors roaming the steps selling their goods....little kids eating cotton candy
  • Give us conference and division re-alignment options... so we can move teams different division or conferences if we want to... it would also be cool if you gave us the option to get rid of the divisions and just had the two conferences....

    Also it would be cool if you gave us a edit schedule option...
  • I only buy madden for franchise mode at this point lol-
    Id love to see you guys do more with coverages and wide receivers. Someone said before you could have some type of gameplan so your number 1 corner or db is lined up against the other teams best receiving threat-thatd be pretty cool. Being able to double team a player would be cool to, I know you can manually set it up but its not something you can do before every single play haha.

    something Id really like to see is more variety and inconsistency in terms of which receiving routes work against which coverages. When you binge franchise mode enough, it becomes second nature to analyze whether the defense is in man or zone and throw to the receiver running a route that'll beat that coverage.
    Id be more then satisfied if you could possibly make certain players who will take risks in coverage, or get more open as a receiver.
    I think it would add alot to passing and really every gameplay mode in general. Ive seen so many completed passes on top cornerbacks like patrick peterson or sherm, that are just completed because of broken gameplay mechanics, certain routes never fail to beat man coverage. If you were to add this you couldnt overdo it but some very small fine tuning in this aspect would make this game awesome.

    thanks for you time
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    Being the sole American football game, you would think to expect more from Madden, especially after NCAA stopped being made...

    That being said... it'd be nice to see some college ball in some form other than the story mode.

    I enjoy playing CFM and playing as a player but I want to play from his start in college or even high school and really dive into my player's own story. It'd be nice to go to the school of your choice and live the pageantry that is collegiate football. I say bring MADDEN from MADDEN NFL Football to just MADDEN FOOTBALL PERIOD and cover all bases and make it the TOTAL Football game experience.

    All the stats dating back as far as they go (for at least the 32 NFL teams)... The commentators always come up with these asinine stats to report during games and I'd like to see this stuff as well as your normal Passing Yards/Season stats, etc.

    Custom/Expansion Teams, Stadiums, Uniforms.... EA had it right with NCAA's Teambuilder.

    League expansion options and more cities to move teams to.

    Maybe even add a contest for Best Uniforms for current NFL Teams? That'd be dope.

    Also, a more extensive player creator...equipment seems fine but I'd like more on the facial options or the ability to use my GameFace.

    Easier to make Custom Rosters to use in CFM... I want to be able to organize players by college or state and move multiple players to FA or Teams

    Custom Team chants like the Tomahawk Chop in Arrowhead towards the end of a game (I'd mention the cannons at Raymond James but they have those included). I'd love to see more atmospheric improvements and make stadiums like Seattle, Green Bay and Kansas City's harder to play in as the away team. Also, have certain players get boosts at home and primetime games.

    I want a reason to play the games in the regular season again!!!

    Also adding the ability to play as a player with your friend's player on the same team... Me, at QB and a friend at HB or WR or even on D would be so much fun.

    The All-Time teams are something I miss as well...

    How did we go to a better console and lose features and get the same cookie cutter football game every year? Madden shouldn't go down like Call of Duty has and I'm afraid my favorite game to play has become just that...another letdown year after year.
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    I think having a chart sharer would be fun. It's a shareable chart that is focused on your composite rankings or active play drives based on mistake.
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  • I only play CFM with roughly 28/32. Want rookies names from draft to be said. Hit me up ill record all the names why hasn't this happened. If final fantasy 10 can have people talking why cant madden names be said... lazy! Also to fix trade manipulation wait.... add to setting for commish to set a limit for the amount of trades. Boom fixed.

    Also make stats matter a o-line man has 90 PB/RB and the DE has 70 PR/FM/**** he shouldn't peel through the o-line like hes new to life of football. If ur player has Hit power that's high and hits a player with no cover ball trait and weak carrying he should fumble unless u manually cover ball just saying.

    Put SIM in options if you play the game you should have option in CFM to SIM offense or defense or special teams that takes away from integrity and sliders. Why have sliders in option if you can by-pass and get wins. That's weak 90% of the time if u SIM Def vs cpu they will stop it and u save time and get the ball back. Lose by playing both i bet no one sims offense.
  • Add in fantasy football stats for players and have them show up on news feed for good performances. Also have the ability to download draft classes like in 2K games, and have a more variety of draft stories not just the same ones over and over again it’s boring.
  • Add these three things
    1. Have all the real Hall of Fame members in the Legacy Leaderboard
    2. Have all the real offensive and defensive coordinators for each team
    3. If you play as owner and you fire your coach, you have to interview at least 2 coaches before making your decision, ask them questions and they answer them, with that you can also after week 16 interview offensive and defensive coordinators from other teams only if they agree to the interview because some might want to stay as the coordinator.
  • Bringing back features from the SNES/Genesis editions is MUST. Coordinators on the coaching staffs, combine drills for draft prospects and the stadium builder was absolutely perfect and needs to be part of cfm. Small features like turf tape and mouthpieces (also in past Madden games) and a larger array of cleats are a no brainer. Name recognition for created players and draft classes.

    One idea that should really be thought about is a massive multiplayer NCAA football (and basketball game). If it’s focused on a single created player it might eliminate the player likeness issues and gives the fans something that they have been craving for a LONG TIME. That also gives fans the ability to transfer draft rosters to Madden and Live again.
  • Started a separate thread looking for this one but basically many features small and big that were in Madden 95/96 need to be back in franchise mode. Hiring coordinators, full stadium customization isn’t too much to ask for.

    Interested if anyone else thinks massive multiplayer NCAA games would work. At the very least I think a created player career mode in Madden (combine longshot and single player CFM) where we can choose a college would work.
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