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What are the Communities Top Franchise Mode requests for Madden NFL 19?


  • I want to assign certain players to different plays instead of formation. For example christian mccaffrey at hb for a stick with a hb flat but at a normal stick have dalvin cook.
  • Sporkan wrote: »
    I’ll bite:

    Section 1: Play as a Player in Franchise Mode needs a lot of work

    1A) Starters should not be on the field 100% of the time, especially in rotation positions like RB. I think most teams the starting RB gets 95%+ of the snaps, the 2nd RB gets whatever remains, and the 3rd gets nothing. I set myself to instant starter, because otherwise I can't play.

    1B) Start with less stats and more experience to give us a better choice in how our character is built (especially injury/toughness, make us choose that)

    1C) Better information for the player as to what they are doing, especially in contract negotiations. There are several times you have to choose to accept or deny a “deal” without knowing what the deal is (i.e. extension, option), what the value is, or what the consequences are if you do not accept it (will it send you to free agency or end your career).

    1D) Allowing us to use the regular camera angles in play-as-a-player was a big step forward, but WRs I think need a camera built for them. If I’m player locked I can’t see the field properly, and if I’m in one of the regular camera angles I usually can’t see myself.

    1E) More player options, such as kicker and punter.

    1F) More of a role for my player on special teams (i.e. punt coverage)

    1G) Better blocking mechanics when playing a RB or blocking on Special Teams (as in, the player as a blocker)

    1H) No requirement for my Tight End, who is blocking on a Field Goal, to control the kick of the Field Goal

    1I) Quality of life fixes from the current version: make “I’m open” signal work again, make it so that when I push square in the end zone on a kickoff, I will kneel down

    Section 2: What do I control?

    2A) Player, coach, and GM should all have different amounts of control by default, but there should be options to give or take control.

    2B) By default, players should not call plays. Offensive players other than the quarterback should not call audibles. Defense players that are not captains should not be allowed to call audibles. However, audibles can be added, and playcalls can be added to the player’s control.

    2C) Coaches should include coordinators (offense, defense, special teams), or the head coach. Coordinators should not have control over the other phases of the game.

    2D) By default, coaches should not have control over the personnel, but should make week-to-week strategy decisions and call the game. Coaches should be allowed to play, watch, or sim the game. Head coaches should be allowed to pick which phases of the game they control or sim. Coaches can add personnel control.

    2E) By default, the GM is in charge of the players, while the coaches are in charge of their development and weekly strategy. GM can add any level of control a coach can have. GMs are also the only ones who can relocate the club.

    2F) Maybe an “Owner” option

    2G) Special Teams sim should allow the player to pick specifically which special teams plays they handle (including FG/PAT, Kickoff, Punt, Kickoff Return, and Punt Return).

    2H) Option to make the coin toss an in-game feature instead of an option chosen before the loading screen, to immerse in the game a little bit.

    Section 3: Player Development and Presentation

    3A) There should be an option to do lesson + drill or only the drill when doing weekly training (in addition the sim option), when playing as a player

    3B) The coach should be able to select whether players get experience boosts or game boosts. For example, I may want to give my 2nd string players more XP, but give my starters +3 to all stats for the game (which they don’t keep). If I do this all year, my starters will have barely changed, but my 2nd stringers will have made huge strides. For a game against the Browns, maybe I want to give everyone an XP boost, and for a game against the Patriots I may want to give everyone a game boost.

    3C) Drive Goals are fun when they fit what I want to do, and annoying when they’re the exact opposite, because I feel like I’m giving up XP to do what I want to do. There should be an option at the start of each drive to choose between a couple of goals.

    3D) Playcalling needs the ability to pick what strategy you want. Sometimes I want the hurry up and the game chooses “chew clock”.

    3E) Ability to set how long “chew clock” takes the clock down to. I’d prefer 15 seconds instead of 10.

    3F) More descriptions on the ratings. They’re getting better, but they can get better still.

    3G) A consistency stat which controls game-to-game variations in stats. For example, a player with 40 consistency and 95 catching might have 95 catching one game, and 65 the next, but a player with 90 consistency and 90 catching will only range from 85-90 catching from game-to-game. (Physical stats wouldn’t vary, or wouldn’t vary as much)
    3H) Ratings for players as they fit into scheme and/or have time to work with each other. A freshly made team with offensive linemen that have never seen each other before and a rookie QB shouldn’t function nearly as good as a team where the OL have worked together for 2 full years and the 6th-year QB has had the same top receiver for a year and his #2 receiver and TE have been on the team for 3 years as well.

    Section 4: Creation Center and Customization

    (This is semi-related to CFM as I want to use creation center for CFM)

    4A) Easier way to create large quantities of players to make an entirely custom team. This could include easier ways to create multiple players, easier ways to clear a team, or even a custom team creation center.

    4B) A web browser app that I can use to create a playbook on my PC using my keyboard and mouse, which I can then save and download onto my PS4 to use in-game.

    4C) Custom Plays. This was in Madden 2000. Come on.

    4D) Quicker ways to edit ratings on players, to include:
    • A button to move all stats up or down, instead of one at a time
    • Buttons to move stats up or down by 10, instead of by one
    • Buttons to move stats to 99 or 0
    • (Hey, it’s fun to set a player to 99 overall)
    4E) Easier way to move players from team to team in custom roster management. If I want to play with a dream team, I should be able to. (And don’t say “MUT” because I don’t play that pay-to-win garbage. MUT is the competitive version of building a dream team, I should be able to do so offline with a game I paid this much money for).
    4F) Better presentation in the customization center. There’s more information available in Franchise than there is in the customization center.
    4G) Ability to create a face instead of picking a face template. This is going to be released in 2018, it should have a face creation center.

    That’s all I got off the top of my head.

    I second this!!!
  • Also, it is waaaaaayyyy to hard to upgrade things like speed. I agree it should be hard but not 30,000 xp, 10 or 15,000 xp wold be a lot more reasonable.
  • I'm from Minnesota so no one cares about madden, what people do care about is NHL 18. That being said I love madden but I like NHL 18 here are some things in NHL 18 I would love to see in madden.
    -BE A PRO
    I know this is already in madden as franchise but in be a pro mode in NHL 18 you can select weekly training, each week you get so many hours based on how many games you have that week this could be applied in madden like scouting points whatever you don't use the week before would be taken away from your player. This would make it easier to develop your players.
    Again already in madden UT but it should be its own mode. It's fun to create your own player, decide his player type, then play against other players. One of my favorite things about NHL 18 is all the modes although madden has close to the same amount they make it more complicated by putting 5 modes inside one title.
    With this information I would like to point out that there is and always should be a fine line between each sports game, thats what makes it unique. I'm just recommending madden to push this line to make it a more enjoyable game than it already is. I would like to see madden embrace modes and ideas from games like Fifa 18, or 2k18. Again I'm not saying madden should make a blacktop mode that would outrage 2k fans everywhere I just want madden to reach its full potential.
  • Make CFM commishes have trade votes for User vs CPU trades or add a trade limit to options. Trades are fun but dont need people abusing it for CPU teams. Also add a reverse trade/ drop player for commish. Say u get a sore loser in ur league and drops players to FA and then splits.

    Add a play/formation limit in options for CFM setting not to allow users to run same play over and over vs cpu or user in a drive. Or just give a bonus to defense knowing the cheap play/ money play is coming.

    Also let simulation of offense, defense, and special teams not to toggle off simulation mode if a user plays CPU. I get some leagues like it. But if u can just sim ur way to victory whats the point in sliders or all madden.
  • NatureBoy2323
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    Great video by Sim.
  • Improve alot franchise mode. Ofense game need a upgradetoo we , at least in cpu vs cpu, in true football have games nice to whatch like the last super bowl. Footbal have nice games but the game when is watched is boring, dont have much touchdown only kicks.
  • Add view roster to CFM when picking a team. Instead of showing top 3 for the team allow new users to see the roster before taking the team. If you in like year 4 in CFM roster changes either from old user or Cpu. Simple to add.
  • As someone who only plays franchise mode, I want to deal with more issues that we see in real life. Contract disputes, holdouts, suspensions...give the players some personality. Draft a hot shot qb, a gentle giant lineman, a wr diva, etc. I don’t want to be the owner, the coach, or a player...I want to be the GM. I use to enjoy the offseason, now it seems so ‘simulated.’ Bring back coordinators. If your team does well, have teams request to interview your coaches for head coaching vacancies. Bring the whole drafting process into the game. The combine, interview recruits, actually get to play the senior bowl. If players have character issues, have them actually fall in the draft. HAVE CPU TEAMS DRAFT ACTUAL NEEDS. I can’t stand it when some one falls off the board when they are just going to ride the pine. (Example: a team has a 90+ overal MVP winning qb in their twenties. Why would they draft a qb in the draft?) going back to my previous idea of giving personality to players, if you have a veteran starter and draft a player in that same position-make them get mad. Have them tweet something, request a trade/release, approach you in your office. A player is going to retire, offer him a coaching position. Also, what I liked about ncaa, I got to start out as a coordinator and work my way to being a head coach. Maybe even take that a step further, start out as a position coach- you come aboard, and turn a middle of the road qb into a superstar, get promoted, maybe even have teams interview you for a head coaching gig? This is probably a no-no to bring up, but look at something that nba 2k does with their gm mode. Now, I don’t really like their gm mode completely, but they’re on the right track. If you’re gonna fire your coach, do it face to face. See their reaction, etc. I can go on and on. Im just looking to bring the mode a more realistic feel. Make me really feel like I’m a player, a coach, owner, or gm.

    Thanks for reading.
  • EA controls the online franchises & better integration with a mobile app. Drafting is fun but takes all day, on mobile it’d be possible
  • It’d be great if we could track playoff stats as well as statistical records in the playoffs (i.e. most passing yds in a playoff game). Furthermore, if we could get a “playoff picture” filter in the standings to look at potential playoff seeding throughout the season. The only thing we can do similar to this right now is look at conference standings and connect the dots on who’s leading in each division and the two best remaining records outside of those division leaders. It really gets messy when you start to try to factor in tiebreakers.
  • Can we also do away with only being able to re-sign players after a certain amount of weeks? I’d recommend being able to resign anyone with an expiring contract immediately after you complete the offseason and are in Week 1 of the preseason (which I believe is close to the timeline in real life). Since there’s no surefire way to resign players or know if they’ll resign or test free agency, I’d want as much time as possible to negotiate. If I’m unable to resign a player, I’d probably consider trading them to get value back rather than them walk for nothing in free agency. It’s impossible to do that with any players who you have to wait until later in the season to negotiate a contract extension (more specifically Week 9 or later).
  • In the CFM Free Practice, can we add the capability to play an intrasquad simulation game? (i.e. your offense vs. your defense, but with keeping score and tracking stats like a normal game) it’d be even better if we could do inter squad scrimmages during the preseason!
  • When looking at Rosters in CFM, can we add the “All NFL” filter? (this filter is available in the Customize/Manage Rosters/Manage Players section of the default home screen) It’s super helpful when you’re looking to assess specific attributes at the league level while in the Connected Franchise Mode.
  • Dear EA Sports Madden,

    I have to say I really appreciate the work you guys put into the game year in & year out, but this is the year to step it up & take it to the next level for Madden NFL 19. What I would like to see particularly in franchise mode. There needs to be a pregrame where the analyst make their picks, a gamebreak to actually check in whats going on in other games across the lead. Furthermore, it should be a postgame to show the highlights of each game throughout the week, kind of like 2K with Ernie, Shaq & Kenny. I love the franchise mode simulation to be just like it was Madden 12 & before because it seems like it gave you more realistic stats instead some of the games being way to high in scoring. The commentary needs to change specifically with storylines between players, coaches and teams (their history, interaction, last time a rival has met & what to expect next time, what happen last week, playoff implications {seeding}, Show the standings before the game, during the game). I would also love to see a sideline reporter talk about the adjustments the player needs to make in a game concerning how they are dealing with an injury, what cleats they need to wear, what a team has done during the week to prepare for their opponent , etc.). The playoffs needs some upgrading. I notice as far as the scheduling the NFC is always playing last, it should be scheduled based on whats the most exciting matchup and like for the year the AFC should be the team playing last for the conference championship. The playoffs should have a different environmental feel to it than a regular season game and have exciting storylines going into each matchup (rematch, team playoff history, players playoff history, coaches playoff history). Adding on, once the game is coming to a close, if its a blowout, the game is out of reach, or if the game is over, they should show the team they will matchup with for next week & talk about some key notes going into the game (whether a player has suffered a significant injury and how that will affect the matchup, rematch). The super bowl needs a major upgrade with a different intro going into the game, the celebration needs to be different, the super bowl just needs to be more exciting and needs to stand out from every game has been played. It needs to be different with stuff leading up to the game, during the game, and after the game. It would be great if the pro bowl & the skills challenge was added as well but i realize that will be hard to do based off what I've seen in the video this past year. Overall, madden just needs better presentation & it will serve beneficial to madden players all over. Thank you & I hope this will be considered to apart of this year's installment of Madden.

    Madden has changed a lot – a whole lot in the way it plays. But how is anyone going to get to know the controls and when to do what/when? The current drills, don't give you much feedback. The running drills: the game doesn't tell you WHY your stiff arm failed. Or WHEN best to hit with a juke move – and the animations also don't help in the slightest. it just marks a fail, and try the next move.

    I propose a Madden School Mode. A full teaching mode that goes over each position & responsibility; walks you through the controls & situations they'd be used; and guides you when you need it.

    And I don't mean advancing through a bunch of text. Voice over, visual prompts, ANYTHING that helps make a better Madden player.

    The trainer could call a set pass play.
    Highlight some basic reads, before the snap.
    It pauses during the play and shows as routes develop, and windows open / close and recommends the best time to hit a receiver with the ball.
    Then it lets the user run the same play and rates the choices made.

    A running trainer could suggest when to burst through the hole, or bounce it to the outside. Set up the key situations when you would Juke/Hurdle/Spin/Truck (and possibly recommend one move over another depending on the chosen runner's skills).

    Breakdown how best to play Defensive positions :
    what their jobs are
    when to ballhawk
    when best to dive for a tackle (and not miss)
    can you even play D-line effectively?

    Just anything to get new people (and us old solo players) on a baseline stick skill level. I don't have time to go into the toxic competitive scene to try to learn a thing or two by getting my face smashed in, and learning every cheese / glitch / exploit that is yet to be fixed.

    Didn't John Madden said he wanted to put his name on a realistic football game that could also teach the game? Well, why not make these trainers that do just that! Heck, make it robust enough and make it DLC people can buy. But make it useful!
  • I would like to in game camera to be more functional to the user playing the game instead of it trying to adhere so close to a tv presentation.

    I find it frustration when the CPU goes no-huddle, and the presentation is zoomed in on Drew Brees getting his players to the line, but I have no clue of where my defensive players are on the field. Sometimes they even get called for encroachment as they run into the offensive players trying to get into position. (if this has been fixed, sorry, I haven't played in awhile)

    Also, the zoom-out camera when running play-action is too much to deal with. Only one with the advantage is the CPU - so naturally, I don't run a lot of play-action.

  • Here's hoping someone views these ideas...

    Make my franchise MY FRANCHISE
    Personalize it to the team whose destiny I’m taking in. I remember seeing some Madden concept art that featured team history, records, accomplishments, etc. I would love to see that in franchise.
    • The Graphical Interface can be skinned to my chosen team
    • Video highlights (even some from in-game) play in the background
    • The team fight song added in the EA Trax rotation
    • A ‘local’ radio show(s) adds to the team story (remember Madden 05?)
    • - Updates to future College stars to watch out for
    • - Around the league news updates
    • - Fans call in
    • Images of team fans and former team greats cycle in the background
    • - This is to be a living thing – if I draft a star, I want to see him up there
    • - Let users add their own images in the rotation
    I would like to honestly feel like I own / coach / manage / play for my chosen team.

    I want there to be a story about my team.
    Imagine if the Browns turn it around and go 16-0 next season. Is anyone going to treat this like ‘just a routine season? Madden shouldn’t either. I want the game to recognize the rise and fall of teams in the league. Fans of the NFL know that to humble the Patriots is a BIG deal; to get back to the Super Bowl is a BIG deal; to build even a small dynasty is a BIG deal… Can’t Madden recognize this in some way?
    What about that draft star that lights up the league for 5+ years? Or that Jamarcus Russell-like bust of a pick that never amounted to anything? I would like Madden to know this. A #1 overall pick, always gets recognized as #1 overall – succeed or fail. Madden should know this all in an effort for a living – breathing league experience. I bet this is difficult for a number of reasons, but I’m mainly talking for solo franchise play here. For CFM, I would give the commissioner the tools to shape the league’s legacy.
    Draft stories and reputations should matter
    Even if I didn’t watch one down of college football, on draft night – ESPN, NFL Network, and others will tell anyone watching that the 32 guys expected to be drafted Thursday ARE THE S***! –whether that turns out to be the case or not. It’s all about the hype! But Madden has no hype, and the bare stories it does have are missed as soon as you skip to the next round. But waiting around to hear the stories (which ultimately seem not to matter in the first place) is boring.
    I won’t say ‘why bother’ I will say do it better! What if when you skip to the next round there is an ESPN recap of big moves that were made; big names selected; and such right before the user proceeds (yes make it skip-able buy holding the X button).

    Make the user not feel like he/she is the only active franchise in the universe
    For years, I don’t think I’ve ever been directly offered a trade by Madden. If I go into the Trade block, sure there are some offers; right before I make my pick there are offers; but what if another team called me up and offered the MOON for my backup QB who maybe a star in their system? An URGENT pop-up window could appear in the interface with a juicy trade offer that I at least have to think about.

    Rivals mean something
    ‘The Rivalry is back on!’ that what the Colts GM said of the Patriots spurning them once again. Do you think either of those two teams are going to happily do any business in the near future? The Colts might just try to hamper Pats in any way they can. I want Madden to be the same way! If I run the Patriots, I would expect the Colts to nix every reasonable deal I offered them; the Falcons to play me extra hard whenever we met; all of that!
    The opposite would also be nice. Say I would have an easier time doing business with the Texans – who have staff with ties to the Pats organization. Or an out of division franchise may dislike my team less and be more open to transactions. If this could somehow trickle down to players holding grudges against teams – AWESOME!

  • Madden needs to get EA Gameface back.
  • QB Scrambling:

    cpu controlled QB runs like a RB and player controlled QB’s run like an OL players is running. There is no fluidity and their movements are very choppy.
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