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What are the Communities Top Franchise Mode requests for Madden NFL 19?


  • Depth chart:

    We should be allowed to put any player at any position while playing a game. Some teams actually put WR in the backfield or a CB at WR. It would be nice if we had this option.
  • Formation Subs (created playbook):

    As of now the only way to edit formation subs is to do so in-game. And if you are a super nerd like me I have a lot of subs to do and I usually have to burn a time-out to do so. It would be nice if we could select a created playbook from schemes and edit formation subs permanently.
  • jjdwyer30
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    Edit Draft Class:

    Prior to draft it would be nice if we could edit the players name and projected draft position...but without seeing any attributes to maintain the integrity and randomness of the scouting and draft process.
  • jjdwyer30
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    Change Direction:

    I understand why it takes some time to do this when using the speef burst but it also seems very difficult to reverse field or change direction when not using speed burst (especially when playing as DB).

    Also, when a RB receives a handoff and a hole opens up the opposite way the play is designed it is impossible to go the other way with a simple cut-back, which every semi agile RB in the NFL can perform but is impossible in this game
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  • Single player character:

    1- When playing as a defensive player, players on offense never come out of the game. I am playing as 2 defensive players and both teams RB’s are on pace for over 2,000 yards rushing. I like realistic gameplay and this isn’t very realistic.

    2- if I play as a backup DL I never play a snap because the starter never comes out of the game.
  • Playbooks:

    It would be nice if there were more options for created playbooks.why does almost every empty set have a TE or RB? And I only found two 4WR sets when creating a playbook?
  • Automatic Long Sleeves Cold Weather:

    I thinks we should have contol over whether or not a player is wearing long sleeves in cold weather.
  • CPU Hurry-up Offense:

    If the cpu is down 3 scores wouldn’t they start a hurry-up prior to the 2 minute warning?
  • Block shed delay:

    When a controlled players sheds a block there is a split second when they stop immediately after they shed the block, it would be nice if this would be addressed. The gameplay overall seems very choppy as wel.
  • Madden Franchise Time Machine Mode:

    This probably isn’t possible but what if you could start a franchise in say....1990 and have the option every year to sim draft as it happened or re-draft and see if you can change your teams past!!
  • I'm a CFM player, and there are several things I'd like to see in Madden 19.

    1. Expanded coaching staffs. The addition of coordinators and more scouts would be great.
    2. Improved CPU logic, in terms of trades, FA signings and trades. The current CPU franchise is incapable of building a roster.
    3. More realistic regression. Players falling off a cliff when they hit 30 is extremely frustrating, and gives players little incentive to draft and develop players over a long period of time.
    4. More realistic free agency. Lower end FAs who can still contribute will receive no offers from the CPU, and can be had on minimum deals for multiple years.
    5. Realistic contract negotiations. Almost all NFL contract re-negotiations do not take place during the season.
    6. More in-depth scouting. Learning a player's top three attributes oversimplifies the scouting process.
    7. Allow users to completely re-design uniforms/new stadiums. Should be able to use current, or old logos, as part of a complete re-brand that gives user full customization. Allow users to create fully custom stadiums, similar to how NBA2K users can design every single aspect of their court in MyTeam.
    8. Make media questions a larger part of the experience.
    9. Make player morale, like confidence, a part of the experience. If a player's morale drops too low, he should request a trade. Morale should depend on playing time (percentage of snaps) and place on the depth chart relative to his overall rating.
    10. Dealing with injuries should be more realistic. Nagging injuries should be introduced, as not every injury is a long-term injury. Currently, every single injury disappears after the game or it takes out a player for an extended period of time. Not realistic.

    There are other things I could probably think of, but I think all of these are additions to be considered. I'd be lying if I expected all of these to be implemented, but there are some things on this list that need to be implemented ASAP.

    In terms of gameplay, there are also several issues that need to be addressed.
    1. Ratings need to matter. It makes no sense that slower CPU defenders can keep up with my faster offensive players. A stronger OL or DL should control the line of scrimmage. QBs with high accuracy ratings should not be missing short throws by 10 feet, resulting in an INT. These ratings need to be reflected in gameplay more accurately.
    2. CPU pursuit is completely broken. Defenders rarely take the correct lanes and often allow offensive players to make big plays. Pursuit is especially broken against mobile QBs, who often run right by frozen defenders.
    3. Insta-sheds need to be removed from the game. It makes running the ball on All-Madden impossible, and is completely unrealistic.
    4. The two-man catching animation/mechanic is completely broken. The outcomes are scripted and often contradict user control.
    5. CPU logic needs to be improved. QBs are extremely hot and cold, and sometimes make completely unrealistic decisions. The CPU's two-minute logic is also broken, and they often let the clock run out with timeouts while trying to score.
    6. Tackling animations look unrealistic and scripted. Players are rarely able to join an animation already in progress. Physics are not respected.
    7. Warping and shifting into place needs to be fixed.
    8. Players in zones do not play realistically. Post routes and corner routes should not be allowed to work against every single coverage. Defenders need to strafe and pass defenders off onto other defenders in other zones. Players need to properly sit in their right depth in the zones.

    Again, I could come up with more gameplay issues that need to be addressed, such as the comeback logic and scripting in higher game difficulties (All-Pro, All-Madden). I understand that not all of these issues can be fixed in one year, but these are issues that have gone unaddressed for a long time.

    I hope this list is taken seriously. Feel free to reply if anyone has any questions.
  • Pre snap cut-aways are really annoying and don’t need to be in the game at all.
  • Ville-henrik
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    1. More realistic gameplay
    2. Everything else. Bigger draft classes with stats etc, new scouting system. Coordinators, coaches, creating plays and so on. Look at head coach 09 for help and build on that.
    3. Player ratings. The absolute overall ratings makes things kind of dull. The ratings could be more dynamic, players could over/underperform. Would make for instance the pre-season much more interesting with some competition for spots on the roster.
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  • NatureBoy2323
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    Here's a great CFM video by EA SPORTS Game Changer Madscientist06.
  • XP Points:

    A player should earn more XP points for in-game achievements rather than in the weekly training.

    I play with a FS with quick dev. trait and if I intercept a pass it is worth something like 22 points but if I get gold in the training I get like 1,000? This seems backwards to me

  • RB Progression:

    After 2 years of franchise there are 8 RB’s that are a 99 overall, and upon looking at their attributes, almost all of them had a 99 CAR and 99 BCV. You would think BCV would be a very expensive attribute to obtain a 99 rating in but it is not. There needs to be a balance between what the CPU does to develop a RB. Also, the it should be way more expensive to purchase the upgrade for BCV.
  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !! Put in create Custom teams with uniform and logo editors and stadium editors. Have expansion drafts like your hockey title, Customize Divisions. Of course none of it needs to effect the MUT stuff. Just let us customize as much as possible in Franchise mode. PLEASE!!

  • Here's a great CFM video by EA SPORTS Game Changer Madscientist06.

    I bet a lot are single leagues. I know at one point I had like 5-6 create a player leagues & only 1-2 full leagues.
  • NatureBoy2323
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    So let me ask everyone this, what would be the top three things you would fix/add to CFM to make it better?
  • So let me ask everyone this, what would be the top three things you would fix/add to CFM to make it better?

    Leagues commissioned by EA for all 3 modes: player, owner, & coach. To balance this you’d have to allow duplicate teams & brainstorm ways to keep trades, FA & draft. Seems difficult but I think it brings more Madden players together to compete than before.

    Richer create a player with skill drills to determine your rating & type of player & the ability to choose random team (& play against other users easily— via EA commissioned leagues). & skill drills for practice

    Better mobile integration with drafts, trades, FA & depth charts
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