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What are the Communities Top Franchise Mode requests for Madden NFL 19?



  • I agree with many on gameplay and connected Franchise Mode Upgrades. My BIGGEST wish would be to see better Stadium choices for relocation...why not let users pick from standard choices AND CURRENT NFL stadiums..You could allow for custom color schemes and fit out an AT&T Stadium in your new city for your new team for example!!!

    My other biggest upgrade would be allowing a user to start playing CFM as a Custom Coach, and move up to the role of Custom Owner after a couple seasons or so of success in the League... Or even add a GM Role...so you could progress from Coach, to GM, to Owner... sort of like a John Lynch in SF

    I hate to bring FIFA in but there Franchise mode is also cool because of the items that you can purchase as you gain xp points...jerseys, helmets, cleats, money for FA, ownership $, Ownership offer, coaching offer...idk...something similar would be cool

    I d
  • I would like to thank all of you guys for the great feedback you have given us in this thread. Keep it coming! #CFMMovement

    Really would like to be able to pick from existing stadiums in CFM when relocating...lot of great work went into those stadiums, for example, bring Raiders to Vegas but use At&T Stadium with Silver and Black scheme and a new Black Hole!!
  • Please add actual college players to draft classes. Also, make trades easier to do... Please add a massive touchdown celebration feature where you can do many various dances, celebrations, and allow free movement during celebrations like NHL, in that, you can control where you want to run to. I’m not quite sure if this is already a feature, but it would be cool to have personalized celebrations for certain players. For example, Gronk spiking the ball, Juju Smith-Shuster and Antonio Brown with their dances, Victor Cruz salsa, Jimmy Graham goal post dunk (I don’t care that the NFL banned it), Cam Newton’s signature cellys, & OBJ & his ever complicated relationship with the net, among others... Thanks!

    Maybe allow for the option to start the season AT the College draft, instead of after, during preseason...would allow us closet GM's the ability to correct the mistakes of our Jabroney owners.
  • Add a trade limit in options for CFM. This will help with people trade manipulating, which i dont think cpu sees the value drop of players age as leagues go on. This will also limit intervene with commish of league having to lock trades because some people cant help themselves. Then user vs user trades have at it. Plus trading a computer when a user leaves the league sucks for people who join and take the team that just got traded banged.
  • Owner mode:

    Specific stadium upgrades. Bring back the oxygen tents!
    Coaching staff other than head coaches. Being able to hire your OC, DC, and ST coaches and pick the ones that best suited the style of team you were trying to build added a huge layer of depth to the game. Even take it a step farther and add positional coaches that affect specific stats related to the position. And bring back the ability for retiring players to return as coaches, and old coaches to retire and never come back. All of these things were part of what used to make franchise mode so engaging.

    Player ratings:

    Add "kick coverage" as a rating for players who are eligible to be on the coverage team, and add the coverage team to the depth chart. So many NFL players only survive as long as they do in their career because of this that it is ridiculous to not have it in your games.
  • jjdwyer30
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    Gameplay Sliders:

    Is there anyway to get rid of this? It doesn’t seem to work very well as is, ex:

    CPU QB Accuracy set to 9 but a 76 ovr. QB still completes over 70% of passes regularly. If moved to 8 completion % drops to under 50% at times. There is no consistency with the pass accuracy

    We need the ratings to mean something, and spending hours tweaking sliders isn’t so etching any of us enjoy doing. There has to be a better way.

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  • jjdwyer30
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    DB Coverage:

    It is really difficult to cover one on one in this game. I consistently get beat by TE when covering them with a CB. How is an average TE more agile than a CB?

    It is difficult changing direction when in coverage even with a CB like Patrick Peterson. It is almost impossible to drive on a ball when it is in the air.
  • jjdwyer30
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    Instead of adding a bunch of new features I would really like if Madden would focus on making the user experience better and addressing the problems that this year’s game has.
  • jjdwyer30
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    So are any of our ideas going to make it into the game next year? Some of the things we have brought up should have been in the game 10 years ago. If a lot of things don’t change, there is no way I am buying the game this year.
  • Stlramsfan94
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    The Definitive Guide to M19 Franchise.

    Hello all. I have been playing Madden since M05 and we all know Madden has royally sucked for the past 5 or 6 years. The neglect of offline franchise mode is surely coming back to bite EA as NBA 2k has taken over as the premier sports title with Madden falling far behind. A quick look at sales figures and online forum posts will confirm that is a correct statement.

    Below are some community suggested features that we would like to see in M19 but we highly doubt any of them will be implemented.

    Contract Negotiations

    It’s the end of the season and you have 5 Mill in cap space. What am I going to do!?!?!?!?

    Well, restructuring a players contract isn’t an option, but it should be. But it shouldn’t be easy. We should be able to TRY and renegotiate any player contract on our team, at anytime. He may say no and that’s ok because players do say, no. But it could have consequences too. Based on how you went about it he may now feel the organization doesn’t value him. Or he sees that you want him long term and now he’s playing at a boost level. If he says no, You might have to waive him and pay penalties or trade him away because you really don’t have a choice.

    We need an actual current and future, financial impact section that shows us what and where we are headed. Allowing us to try scenarios, to see what it would look like if we do “A” or “W” or “X”

    The ability to offer different contract structures is important to the financial health of a franchise. We need these options.

    Front Load Back Load Even Spread Low,High, Low High, Low, High, Low

    Bonus % paid evenly by year or most in the first couple years or 50% up front and the remainder spread over the life of the deal.

    AND... salary to bonus conversation and extensions!

    There are so many things that the NFL makes the EA Madden team remove from games and in truth I guess it’s there right. But we need more. With that said

    Player hold outs would be amazing. Imagine have to work a deal or not have a player show up and come week 1 of your season, you’re going to miss that WR and need him or find out that free agent or rookie gets it done.


    Madden 19 and what we need from EA on Trades.
    We all know trades are not straight forward. IN THE NFL and usually end very far away from how they began. Trades come down to two parties understanding each others needs and their own needs. EA has missed this aspect unfortunately. Not only does the elementary UI bother me but the lack of AI interaction does as well.

    We need a trade system that analysis what it’s team really needs and then comes back to me on my offer understanding my deeper needs on my rosters too.

    Let’s say take the Cowboys for example from Madden 18.

    HB’s Elliot - 90 McFadden - 77 Morris - 75

    Now if I offer them Theo **** and Ameer Abdullah who are both rated 80 and above for Elliot.

    Chances are the CPU says no as it should. But then I just begin with a 5th round pick and work my way down towards the first pick till it says yes.

    This is unrealistic in so many ways. So what should happen?

    “Thanks for the offer” here’s what we see

    Elliot for your Ameer Abdullah, Miles Kennedy (a back up ****) ( Because they Need a Safety) 1st round in 18, and 4th in 19

    I say no. And I offer Ameer Abdullah, 5th 2018 and Tavon Wilson ****

    They respond with - FB Keith Smith, and 2018 3rd for **** Wilson and 2018 6th.

    Wait what!?!? How did we get here.... but actually that works for me. I need FB

    Ok deal. Now was it a good deal? I don’t know but the fact that the system recognized, that I’m trying to upgrade my run game and saw what it thinks it should offer to get the **** it needs because it IS a need for the Defense is a must. Because let’s be honest. Dallas isn’t trading Elliot unless it’s a Kings Ransom

    The journey alone would be fun and engaging and would allow me to see what the computer actually wants by it responding and representing my needs to me. Instead of the typical, Pick manipulation, that we have all learned and use. We end up with great players. Then trade away our ok players for picks and then bunch picks to get back High picks. BOOOOOOOORING.

    Also, the cpu should be smart enough to release a player to make room for a trade and not say no because the roster is full. If the cpu wants that player it’s not my job to take on their guys to cut, unless I choose to.

    Free Agency

    Year after year we see the same Madden models and free agency is a portion of the game that is out dated. It’s a very straight forward, get who you want system. It needs an overhaul and it needs one immediately.

    The NFL Free Agency period has so many dynamics that have been shocking and intense. So let’s finally capture that. Based on your current roster needs, staff and players,

    Lets begin free agency from contact initiated by numerous Player agents. These ranked and rated agents represent players in the Madden world. They have different tactics. Such as a money mogul looking for paydays. Financial management who’s looking for smart guaranteed money to put in the players pocket through guarantees and so on. But the main purpose is player interest, needs and wants.

    When the first week opens we can receive and send emails to parties who are interested in showing their desire to play for your team and our opportunity to send interest invites to players of interest. From here we can begin our facility interview invites. We can then start contact offers that don’t just get rejected or accepted, but get counter offered that we can in turn counter offer back or accept. Some players leave and accept your contract after other team visits. But you May have to have some patience. If you get to far ahead of yourself, it may cause them to sign somewhere else because you put in another offer on another guy for the same position. Strategy, back up plan and more strategy. It’s the name of the game.

    With in these contracts we can (as we used to be able to do) front load, back load, bonus front, even load, the contract to best fit our contract needs and financial out look. Then receive the offer back as to how that player wishes to be paid. This causes us to have to use some skill and thought behind the process.

    To be honest, I want to be able offer a massive deal to a player, ie HB L.Bell and he flat out says “No” because he has not interest what so ever to play for my Lions. Then I have players such as HB L. Blount who takes much less to play for my Lions because he wants to be a Lion and is at the end half of a career, based on my staff hirings and franchise out look.

    To make it more interesting we need constant (Non Action- this means we don’t advance the week for transactions to happen) moving environment in the back ground. Where we are notified by staff, that other teams are in the midst of talks and negotiations with players. That if we don’t stop and reach out. That player may sign before we ever get a chance to begin talks with a player.

    That’s Free Agency. Your either on top of it and winning or you’re losing out.


    We all know that franchise mode and Madden are like the Cleveland Browns. You see the potential and the talent but year after year it’s the same regurgitated system. This mode needs a HUGE OVERHAUL. One of the most intriguing aspects of franchise mode is building your franchise through the draft and free agency ( We will get to free agency a little latter) This system has became boring boring and more boring. You look at this list of potential grades. You see tendencies and eventually it’s like tying your shoe.

    The scouting should be a very deep aspect of franchise mode. Things like where a player played (ACC, SEC, PAC 12 the MAC) Was he a 1year or 3 year or 4 year starter. Was he a red shirt?. Previous college game stats. School grade point average. Was he recruited, walk on or a JUCO transfer. List of college injuries, does he complain? Is he quite. Was he a captain? Things like this can take the place of stupid A+ in pass block stupid ratings that become redundant. With this much information on players you can use these to then generate different scales of “potential grades” a college athletes with a high gpa and was a captain of the defense could have a potential awareness rating of 85-95. Through scouting (remove scouting points ands allow us to spend as much time as we want on players. Maybe limit us a 100 player scouting cap that we can remove and add players to) turns out he was a 1 year walk on from JUCO and is leaving college as a JR. So once we’ve decided through combine drill ratings and combine numbers, we draft him and find out his awareness is actually a 73. This gives you a sense a realism.

    I like the idea of a player potential grade aspect but to make it even more realistic I would like it if that potential grade can fluctuate. He maybe an A but if I ignore his growth or I don’t get him enough plays per game or practice reps, his potential grade can change downward and vica versa. They need hidden “Intangible” grades that we never see. This would cause the chance for us to have a 1st round “A” potential player that we put time into and he just really is a bust. In turn a 6th round “C” potential who’s stats are not that good suddenly gets in a game and his 85 speed changes to a 91 with a 85 stiff arm and 83 break tackle because he’s a game time player gem, you didn’t know you had, ie. Kareem Hunt.

    The credit for the above write-up goes to Reddit user u/SuperiorDrinking

  • The rest of the discussion are my own thoughts.

    An image album detailing all the missing features that Reddit and Operation Sports miss.


    A wish list from OS users


    Honestly the community has every right to be outraged and I understand the suits at Redwood ultimately call the shots and the creative director only has so much pull, but that is not an excuse for the exceedingly poor product we have shilled 60 bucks out for year after year.

    I know the suits want to gouge customers and take advantage of every sucker who is naive enough to purchase MUT swag. I also understand the biggest expense for any company is employees and it is tremendously profitable to recycle the same code year after year in the process of cutting down wages and selling essentially the same game every August. Not to mention the minimal amount of time it takes to add MUT swag.

    EA do your fans a service for once in your careers. Create an amazing offline experience for the very large community that has been clamoring for it for years. You can still keep the dumb MUT stuff we don't care, but serve both communities. You have the money and resources to do so but I'm not sure about the talent.

    With legislation cracking down on your loot boxes, being voted the worst company in the US, having the most down voted comment in Steam history, EARN OUR TRUST BACK! If not you can expect declining sales, poor reviews, complaints, and the like to be multiplied tremendously.

    How about a full off-season calendar? OTAs, training camp, and the like? How about you let us get invested in our franchise? There's nothing even remotely interesting about franchise in its current state.

    Player roles! Franchise QB, Fan Favorite, Project Player, Underachiever, Bust, Slot Machine, Deep Threat, Injury Prone. I mean come on that would do a lot to add to the immersion and startegy to team building and keep users invested.

    Nobody asked for Longshot and quite frankly it is a useless feature and the utter lack of respect you(EA)show us by committing resources to that stupid mode instead of franchise is #1 overall the worst gaming blunder by a company of all time.
  • Stlramsfan94
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    1.Training Camp
    2.Player Roles
    3.Actual Coaching Staffs
    4.Coaching Carousel
    5.A scouting system that sends your scouts to the college games and gives detailed notes on prospects instead of pressing X three times
    5.A situational practice mode
    6.Detailed game planning by your OC and DC
    7.Position Battles in training camp and Pre Season
    8.A way better Half-Time Show and Pre-Game Show
    9.A way more developed and in depth social media and news feed
    Ex. @SanFrancisco49ers "Trent Taylor's 3rd down catch percentage is 68% #DoinWork #SlotMachine"
    10.All-Pro Team awards
    11.A separate stat tracker from PFF that gives us in depth stats like pressures, bad throw %, etc
    12.Rotating commentary teams
  • Stlramsfan94
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    1.Training Camp
    2.Player Roles
    3.Actual Coaching Staffs
    4.Coaching Carousel
    5.A scouting system that sends your scouts to the college games and gives detailed notes on prospects instead of pressing X three times
    5.A situational practice mode
    6.Detailed game planning by your OC and DC
    7.Position Battles in training camp and Pre Season
    8.A way better Half-Time Show and Pre-Game Show
    9.A way more developed and in depth social media and news feed
    10.All-Pro Team awards
    11.A separate stat tracker from PFF that gives us in depth stats like pressures, bad throw %, etc
  • The biggest addition you could possibly make to CFM is the ability to continue your online franchise from a previous madden to the next. Ive been playing in online fantasy drafted franchises since its started on madden and every year the new game comes out we have to organzie the fantasy deaft all over again. It feels like such a waste every year all the time spent by all the owners over the calandar year is wiped away as soon as the next title drops. More than any other feature I would love the ability to be able to save a roster thats in an CFM and be able to load it into any other mode but most of all be able to export it from old game and import it into the new one. This way you could have a league that womt have an ending.

  • The ability to continue your CFM in the next version of Madden would be huge.

    Also i'd really like to see EA give league commissioners much more options as far as sliders, suspensions, and settings.

    Additionally..... being able to start from where a game disconnects or able to manually set up recreates in that situation would be so helpful so people don't lose stats when their opponent rage quits.
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    Let me and my buddy/s play on the same team in franchise mode for offline cfm sessions. As shareplay gets more wonky and inconsistent this will be the determining factor for us when it comes to purchase.
  • Where to start? These of course are all wanted on offline franchise as I dont play online.

    Bring back create a play. Create a formation as well. But create a play, even without create a formation would be great. That way, we could create our own plays if we dont like certain plays from the existing play books.

    Allow us to edit the rookies we are scouting. Change name, and abilities by clicking on them in
    the scouting menu. If we play offline only. We should be ale to make rookies super rookies before
    they are drafted.

    Have the sidelines better represented during the games. At one time we could see the actual players
    with their numbers and names on their jerseys. Make it so our real defensive players are on the sidelines
    while the offense is on the field. It makes it more real, and better, when we can see our players
    on the sidelines when the cameras show the sidelines and coach.

    Fix the franchise stat leader list. When looking at the NFL stat leaders for defensive stats.
    My players are never listed under sacks for the season, even though they lead the NFL in
    sacks. It does the same on INTs as well. This has been going on for years, and needs to be
  • jjdwyer30
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    Player Archetype:

    I am seeing you you don’t have control over the upgrades a player has on a weekly basis? That it is based off the player archetype? This is ridiculous. Once again development team ignores 99% of what we want, add on some stupid gimmick and say the game is better..when they need to focus on the 500 things we want to see.
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  • NatureBoy2323
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    I think since we now know about the new features coming to Madden NFL 19, this is a good stopping point. I would like to thank everyone for posting their thoughts, ideas and suggestions.
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