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Daily goals you cannot actually complete because there is not a tournament going on......

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edited December 2017
@mrprice33 Once again there is a daily goal of playing in league tournament when you don't have a league vs league going on...why do you regularly have a daily goal that cannot be completed because you don't have the required event happening? 4x in last 8 days... I am just boggled that the game update would not be designed to have tournament goals synced to the days the tournaments are actually happening....I mean how is that not step one in designing the new daily league goals? Have the goal happen on the day the tournament is happening ? I just can't get over how that ever slips past quality control. I am just hoping that I get the 10+tickets now that I couldn't get so I am on par with the people I am competing against. I have spent money on the in game purchases and it is frustrating that I am unable to earn the same rewards as everyone else....or everyone not facing this glitch. Your developers changed things in the auction house to make the game more fair...I am new so I didn't have the issue but read up on forums via your developers...but then they have basic glitches that screw people totally following the rules.


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