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Injured players cant play

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This has always been my beef with Madden. I like how realistic the graphics and game play are but as far as the game not allowing guys on IR to play, that's bull crap. The game is fantasy a you are taking away the fun. You wanna be realistic, have them call actual penalties when they happen and not just when someone losing and fix the glitches
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  • I completely agree we should have the option like NBA 2K gives to either turn pre-existing injuries off or go in and edit each injured player and take those injuries off of them
  • I cant play with odell on h2h
  • Brandon marshall playing tho
  • Aknologe wrote: »
    Brandon marshall playing tho
    Same here, Why can Marshall play but no OBJ or Janoris Jenkins. EA needs to fix this!!!

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    the regular season is over so where is the roster update that takes all the injury tags off these players especially the ones not in the playoffs...
  • Yes same I was playin w my friend and he put Carson wentz in. I can’t put OBJ in but I can put Brandon Marshall in. I can’t use janoris Jenkins either which isn’t fair I should be able to use players that r injured
  • There forcing us to wait till after the super bowl unfortunately...
  • Do the madden software techs read this? The regular season is over let go of the injuries we wanna play with everyone that is on the game!!!!
  • But yet Jason Peters and sproles and a bunch of players can play. Some can some can't just dumb
  • Its players that are not even injured in real life but on the game they are and people that are injured can play crazy come on EA we are paying people here take time and address our concerns!!!!
  • A recent roster update has removed all players on IR from teams other than PHI and NE. I presume another update will follow post Superbowl making all players from NE and PHI on IR available again.
  • The Super Bowl is over. I got a update but eagles and patriots players are still unavailable
  • Can you guys please update this I rarely complain but it sucks to say I didn't play madden at all since the update of Carson Wentz injury and won't by the next madden if you keep injured players unavailable h2h off or online
  • This is a video game not real life. If you want to make the game more realistic how about updating the halftime show like most madden players complain about or other presentation issues to make the game more realistic. But don't take away are players the main reason we buy the game even when it's a mediocre product at times
  • I have to say I agree with recent posts. This is extremely disappointing if this is the case
  • Why are players who finished the season on IR from all other teams removed but not NE or PHI? I don't understand this.
  • NatureBoy2323
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    This has been corrected. Players from all teams are now removed from the IR.
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