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Squads - People Quitting

Nothing beats getting to the "Superbowl", last game, in your Squads season just to have the other team quit out at the opening sequence and YOU GET THE LOSS.

Has happened twice now for us - in the last game of the seasons / playoffs / Superbowl.

What's the deal here?


  • I'm new to using this forum and I don't know where to leave this comment but please fix this pass rush on aggressive glitch in squads when they are usering the d line.

    Whenever there are down linemen and there are users on them no matter how many times the offence tries to get them to jump they won't. Once we hike the ball the qb gets killed in a second or two and when we run the ball one of the users always sheds the blocks right away and it's just a horrible way to play. I've gotten sacked over 10 times in a game when they are only bringing 3 guys.
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