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Including The offensive line and the special teams in career mode

I have brought it up to two different people.

People like myself who agree that the two should be included into franchise mode.
and people who see no point in it.

Those two positions wether its a Center or the punter have to come in clutch in moments. It could be fun same RT/R2 jump followed by x/a or □/X for the offensive linemen, key things protect your quarterback and help move the ball on a run play. Even help block on kickoff, Its a position worthy of bringing back. Kicker/punter is negotiable but why not?

Does anyone agree with my idea or have any input?


  • I, definitely agree with you. This has been something I look forward to each year. These are the two most crucial Positions a person can play. I definitely would like to play Offenaiveline for a Hall of Fame Quarterbck, in Madden 19.
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