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A.I. gameplay

I fully expect the cpu to cheese when I'm playing against the cpu on the highest difficulty. But why does the game play so illogical even during userVSuser competitions?
I consistently am matched against people who clearly can't play but it's almost as if my A.I. plays down a level or two some games.

Some games in a row literally none of my Ai players will correctly play their zones or even pursue the ball carrier

Some games even the player Im ushering will move in a manner which prevents me from getting in position to make a play..why is that in the game? why?! who ever asked for this to be included? My usered players will literally run away from the ball carrier or not allow me to pursue correctly... regardless of what manner of buttons pressed on the controller the user controlled player will run in a way to put you out of position

why does the Ai on one team have to be lights out?! there have been times where my ai secondary and dline would play entirely too good and Id just friendly quit because it's crap...

We don't need a game to force outcomes rob users of their autonomy in the game..I don't want to win a game because their Ai decided not to play... hopefully you all think about this in 2019
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