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Looking for committed managers for Serious Madden Franchise

I've been playing Madden since the Super-Nintendo days. I mainly do leagues with my Brother in Alaska. We pick teams in same division, typically fantasy-draft together, and then ONLY play the games where my team plays against his team. If both teams qualify for the playoffs, we force our teams to win our computer-matchups to ensure that we play one another again (3rd time in a season) in the playoffs. The barometer of who is winning the franchise is the following:

Who wins more in our head to head games?
Who has more Super Bowl titles as a franchise?
Which coach (we both create our own) has more Points on the All-Time list at the conclusion of franchise.

A couple other things to note:
Franchise runs a minimum of 20 seasons. We agree to a franchise year before ever drafting, that the franchise must get to before either party can begin looking for a New Franchise and a fresh start.
All owners must agree to a New League Start... and if one of us is coming off a Super Bowl Title than the league must continue for another season.
There are penalties for early-quitting of games, and for quitting a game by any other way other than "Conceding Match". (If a user concedes in the first half of a game, and starts are not recorded... a 3rd round pick must be given up by the person who quit the game to the person who won the game). Same applies to a quit out via the main menu, and not by concession even in the 2nd half of a game (because stats would be wiped out). Quitting a Playoff Game carries stiffer penalties... with 2nd round picks being lost instead of 3rd round picks. A first half quit of a Playoff Game is a 1st round pick penalty.

We are interested in expanding our leagues and including more people. We adhere to our rules strictly, and play often... usually late at night and into the morning hours by Eastern Standard Time. He is 4 hours behind that because he lives in Alaska. Weekends we occasionally lose self control and play until the morning sun peaks up... so we are looking for fellow Madden lovers who play frequently.

It is important to me that we are able to communicate via some kind of messenger service. Being able to communicate about game times and when to play is what I would envision being the biggest hold-up with these types of services and league manager sites.

Looking forward to trying this, good luck and please only enter a league with us, if you are good at communicating... and willing to treat Madden like you would your most prized Fantasy-team. Even better, pretend this team is your own personal NFL franchise, and look forward to taking on 2 seasoned Veterans of the Madden Franchise experience.

Please Reply to this message if you are interested... you can simply put your gamertag into the response and we will reach out to you in a party-chat or in a response message. My gamertag is: Taylor Abbott


  • Also worth noting... I am 27 years old and my brother is in the Air Force and is 23 years old... so we are not looking for immaturity to say the least. Only respond if this can become a gaming-priority for you.
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