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Franchise Mode Suggestions for Madden 19

My brother and I keep in touch literally through playing Madden Franchise mode together. We fly through 2 decades of a franchise, then re-draft... and do it all again... multiple times every NFL season. Once the super bowl is played, we gradually move on to other interests... but once September rolls around, it's Madden-time.

As some of the most well-versed players of the Franchise mode, we have seen different features come and go. Overall, the experience is great fun, of course or else we would not play it year in and year out. There are some things that could make the Franchise mode at least a little more enjoyable however... and they could really serve to make the avid Madden gamer salivate at the idea of next year's version, were they to be included.

Here are some suggestions, if I might be so bold...

Scouting of collegiate players: This aspect of franchise mode is without joking, one of the most addictive features of this game-mode in general. Separating yourself not only as an in-game player, but as a front-office manager, is something that countless Madden-geeks simply can not get enough of. We have to struggle through many of our own favorite NFL teams making bone-headed moves, and love having the ability to create our own winning versions of whatever team we control. While the scouting is fun in it's current existence... there is just so much room for improvement. Simple things like including the tidbits that Adam Schefter says as a view-able note prior to drafting the player would add intrigue and increased anxiety over making picks. You could even charge more scouting points for the "personal note" to be revealed. They could be general, maybe only having a total of like 20 different things... but that would still be beneficial. Staying on the topic of scouting... positions like Kicker and Punter have for years been a problem. There should without question be players to draft at those two positions every single year.... yet sometimes there are none listed whatsoever... Draft Pick trading is improved in my opinion... but teams still at times offer way too much for a pick that is not worth much. For example, I can consistently trade away the last pick in the 7th round, for a 4th round pick in the draft next season. They offer it to me I don't even have to go looking. Another thing that could immensely improve the drafting and the amount of thought that goes into it... is expanding the grades given pre-draft. You could even allow the user to scout for every stat category... still using letter grades and combine numbers instead of fully disclosing the rating for a player in any given category. By making the user choose from just 3 different traits, and letter grades... the entire process is stymied and isn't as fulfilling as it should be. I'll move on from scouting, because this is turning into a thesis paper on the Madden Franchise Mode... but suffice it to say that with minimal tweaking... the scouting mode could go from simply enjoyable... to utterly fantastic and fantastically realistic in simulating the strategic nature of building a winner in the NFL. These changes could even be offered in a Franchise Mode that has a setting for (Advanced Front Office Management) or something along those lines... just in case there are users who aren't willing to take their time when playing Franchise Mode (though i would then argue with what exactly the point of Franchise Mode is)... or aren't willing to sim through the scouting, etc.

Package/Formation Substitutions: There is an option in the coaching section to alter the personnel on the field for different formations you employ as a team. However this feature does not allow you to do this for your custom play book, and even when trying to make changes for existing team playbooks the moves don't seem to carry over into actual game-play. The Defensive formations are not even view-able, there is a glitch on that screen.

Free Agent Negotiations: I used to love the breakdown given for enticing a free agent to play for you. I think that seeing what is important to a player, and that having a marked impact on their choice, is fantastic. City of choice, contract length, depth chart strength, team success, head coach... these can and do impact free agent decision. Lots of these same features should be included in the negotiations for resigning players before they hit free agency.
Furthermore, I think the entire coaching staff needs to be brought back into the realm of user decision making. Choosing an offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator at the very least, used to be a blast... and should have a real impact on the team if you are simming through games... and the development of the players on your team (just as in the real NFL).

The "Injury" Slider: My brother and I turn that all the way down to a minimal 5 out of 100. Yet when we play in game against each other, we still have injuries be a common occurrence. The slider seems to protect us during simulated games well-enough, with only sporadic injuries occurring... but when we are actually playing my team vs his in the Franchise, injuries again go out of control.

My last and probably most ambitious thought, that could really help take Madden to the next level...

Fantasy Football Leagues have online league management down to a science. I think a platform needs to exist, which combines the Madden Franchise you have on Xbox... with a Fantasy Football styled website hub. There are numerous 3rd party attempts to do just this... but they are all absolutely horrible. If EA Sports and Madden would take the lead, or at least team up with a different and reliable 3rd party provider... than Madden Franchise mode could really blow-up (in a good way). There are too many intricacies for me to delve into in this forum, as to what I would include in that online League Manager platform... but if anyone wants my opinion or feedback, please just let me know as i feel like I am pretty in-tune with what the Madden-lover would desire.

In conclusion... Madden is an awesome game. Awesome. I just think we can make it into something that rivals fantasy football if properly managed and all that. People love football. People love managing teams. Everyone wants to be a GM. Everyone wants to be a rising star. Give us the chance to truly earn our stripes and differentiate the Bill Belichick's from the Marc Trestman's!


Maybe Madden's Biggest Fan - Taylor Abbott


  • I disagree with the offense/ defense coordinator. U the player is the coordinator unless u SIM the game. Put coordinator in the by yourself franchise. I ran the same league for over 7 yrs in Connected Franchise of roughly 20-32 players. Only thing i wish madden to add in CFM speaking.

    1: Add a trade limit in the options were injury is located.

    2: Trade reverse say u invite a sore loser and they dumb players. Make a reverse option to put the players back on the team. It rarely happens but just saying.

    3: Scouting/ College. Add info for a college as in an offense/ defensive/ balanced type college.

    4: Same play to manipulate CPU or user. There's rules in some leagues. Make CPU stop a money play every time if they run it over and over or give a limit to plays every 4 first downs or something of that nature. Some people are sore losers and need a cheat/ youtube cheap plays to keep that in a game FM , MUT and H2H not in CFM. Or just give commishes an ability to punish the players in CFM. Example give a team 7 point lead or suspend players on the roster. Something of that nature.

    5: Make simulate game an option in options. If SIM vs a CPU your odds are better then the player making there own mistakes. Having SIM in CFM is silly. Whats the point of sliders then if you can just SIM all-madden. Silly just make it an option. If your league runs simulate vs CPU toggle it on if not toggle it off.

  • I hear what you're saying.. but you are the Head Coach... not the coordinator necessarily. I just view it as another way to make your Team more enticing than the next team when signing Free Agents... and it could also effect your team's chemistry or performance during simulation if you choose a bad coordinator or one who's Offensive Scheme does not match your team... etc
  • This is my excerpt from another post. Although I have no interest in a Fantasy Football circumstance I do appreciate your scouting tidbits. I could forego all the other gaming options as my friends and I only play connected franchise and all the other modes are forfeited

    Our connected Franchise goals.
    To create the most realistic football experience based on player stats and trait to represent as accurately as possible to real football.
    We do not look for a high scoring arcade style experience for this we are grateful that they currently have more than one mode.

    Coach mode should include hiring of offensive , defensive, special team coordinators as well as trainers of sorts like some of the older maddens? Why was this removed. They could have a Role play basis like the college games or as they do now with points to add as you succeed. We do not wish to regulate ticket prices, build stadiums etc, they can keep that in Owner mode if you wish to add those things. You could choose what kind of owner you wish to work for

    There should be some benefit for keeping a team together for years. Such as chemistry , I have seen this used in other games and it is fantastic it keeps people from always trading for younger players and dismantling a team in free agency or just to acquire draft picks. Also, a penalty if a team consistently releases people or moves them

    Adding to this there should be a benefit for keeping older players until retirement especially if they retire on your team and were there throughout there career. Like a loyalty bonus when bidding on free agents

    I would also like to see a stat line which shows what team they played on for that year. As of now it just shows a stat line and not where they played. Minor but ultimately a very attractive stat line

    I would love to see a generic college game. The old college games were fantastic and we always used imported rosters. You don't have to use player likenesses. Maybe even use created colleges
  • I love hearing that there are other Madden folk out there with similar views on the Franchise mode. I knew there would be... but still, it's gratifying to actually hear from one.

    As I am low on time for now, I will briefly describe what I mean by the "fantasy football experience"...

    This would be a Madden platform in and of itself. There would be no tie to fantasy football, or any of that. The reference to fantasy football is simply a reference to the ease of which those leagues are navigated. You can view league standings, make trades, add/drop players, view stats (in this case it would be your team's madden stats)... etc. If this sort of platform could instead be utilized as a cooperative feature with your connected franchise... well imagine how much more attractive that would be?

    There is so much that they could do with connected franchise mode... but all in all, I think every committed Madden franchise player basically agrees with what you said... The Goal Should be this:

    "To create the most realistic football experience based on player stats and traits to represent as accurately as possible to real football."

    This should of course, include the front office / management decisions that are essential to running a successful "franchise."
  • Hope they add the ability to re-negotiate contracts and deals and make it more realistic, like adding workout bonus and such. And actually make contract negotiations realistic, like no linebacker gets a minimum offer of 18 mil / year. Also, whenever we turn off the slider CPU signing players from free agency, we mean it.
  • I been a huge madden fan for many years and time after I keep investigating in this game. Franchise mode the only mode that matters to and yet it is a major disappointment expcially the the latest madden in august. EA has completely neglected this mode and tossed it into the trash but this year I am praying this will be the best madden yet. I want to share some ideas that fans will love and hopefully see them in 19.

    Offseason mode: this were you can control the offseason heading into the 2018 pre/regular season.
    Having the opportunity to do the 2018 draft,training camp, combin,hiring coaches,singing players and rookies and more.

    Injury's: I don't mind players getting hurt it happens in real life we just got to get use to it. There could be more depth then the same old broken ribs or broke collarbone for example (the flu) or more. Trainers can now come on the field and assist players to the bench instead of a player on the ground in pain with no help. Let us now have players get hurt in practice, hate to say it but it does happen.

    Preseason: I am a huge patriots fan and im tired of all the players not being on the roster and of course bill belichick not being the hc. Anyway the roster size should expand to a 90 man roster for more depth then cut it down to 53 after week 4.

    Halftime: this needs work for us to stop skipping to to the second half. Have like other highlights from other games also have adam scheftner break down news around nfl.

    Additional suggestions: can we finally have offensive & defensive coordinator, trade finder, and play super bowl .

    So please put this into the game its not much but its definitely a upgrade for the cunsuners that put in their had early money into this game year after year. Please if you have another ideas please share them and have our voices be heard thank you.
  • EA can you make it to where you can create your own logo name and stadium and what I would do is make to where it is all a budget like stadium jumbo tron the size could be from 100k to 5 million. where the tunnels are located and the color of the touchdown. I think it would be cool to bring back the things that made madden awesome. another thing that would be cool is to when you create your own player you go thru the draft and you talk to your agent negotiate a contract when it ends or move to the free agency and talk to the teams and tell them why you want to join. Also the pro bowl was fun to play for me in the older games bring it back in the settings to where if you don"t want to have the pro bowl you can skip it. make the halftime show better add scores add bye weeks teams are on add like this team is doing well this year will they win the super bowl or will their hopes and dreams be perished. One last thing make to where when you do win the the super bowl they give out the shirts and hats and add the banners to the stadium so it can be like a real life event. All the game has is buffed up graphics I want connected franchise to be something I play for awhile until the new game comes out I love madden, it"s just I think your 2k makes better sports game I'll will always be a EA fan but from a consumer point of view madden could be 100 times better.
  • babymike313
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    Please, Please, Please, Please, Please follow after NBA 2K and allow people to EDIT DRAFT CLASSES. It will feels so much more real. Please!

    Also, sometimes if I want to play a season with a pro-bowl roster, its really hard to trade for all of the players. Please add TRADE OVERRIDE to it.

    Also, It might not matter as much because you can turn off salary cap, but add an option to TURN OFF FINANCIAL TRADE RULES.

    Finally, add TRADE FINDER!!!!!!!!!!

    Isn't 2K made my EA sports too?
  • coyer89
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    The problem with franchise mode is 1)people being to busy to play their games..2)people not staying in the franchise past a few season. There's always 2-3 buddies that can play a franchise faithfully for 10+ seasons. So I thought of a way to fix that while add something fun and new. So how about integrating madden franchise where up to 3 players can play/represent a team. Like madden 3v3 for 18....you can have a head coach, of and DC. So how about 1 player play gm, 1 player play offensive coordinator and 3rd player DC. The gm is responsible for drafting, trades and free agents. Offensive coordinator responsible for calling plays on offense, offensive scene, and offensive player development. Defensive coordinator would do the same for defense that the offense does.

    If you don't have any players then there can be a free agency for coach's and GMs. As a gm your drafting success will make you a hot commodity or hot mess. For example how many pro bowl players you drafted? How many players with poor and superstar rating. Be able to structure contracts. Like have guaranteed money in first few years to make cutting or trading easier without much salary cap penalties. As a oc how many games are you winning? What kind of scheme do you run? Have a coaches stats for rushing yards, passing, interceptions. How many 4th quarter comebacks. A person can throw 50 tds in a season but like 50 interceptions. So tracking interceptions and fumbles on offense. How many different plays on offense do you run. Let's face it some people are predictable and only run 3 plays a game. Some people do 50 passing plays and only rushing is kneeling the ball. For DC similar things to look for. Sack, turnovers, 4th quarter stops to win the game. Type of defense.

    All 3 people on a team don't all need to be on same time to play a game. You can do it with one person, two, or all three. People can finally have more than 2-3 user teams per franchise. I prefer one team per division. For hall of fame coaches create 1 player on offensive that a team can build around. 1 on defense as well. This can be a reward for hot coaches. You still have to play the game like everyone else. Add custom plays, trick plays, build your own play book. And have rating system for coaches and GMs. Have players able to comment on fellow players.

    That's my idea....MAKE IT HAPPENED MADDEN
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  • Hey Taylor, I brought up the formation sub thing to a rep. when I called a while back. I explained the issue in detail and nothing ever happened.

    This is super annoying as every time you start a game you have to go through the formation subs EVERY time. I also brought it up in my addition/changes post.

    This is just one of many lazy oversights that were made in this game. I wish EA would focus more on the details of the game and less time on trying to make the graphics cool.
  • I actually have one major tweak that I find to be very frustrating... in real life unless you are a hit commodity in college, then you have to start off as a coordinator to gain tenure to be a bread coach. I'm all for bringing on coordinators because I should have the option of hiring a hot offensive or defensive coordinator to be my next head coach. Madden on the past had these options. Bring them back!

    Restructuring contracts should be allowed to use before trading/releasing a player. Now, it should be realistic in the sense that you can only ask a player to restructure his contract and the AI has a right to say no. But just having that option is nice and could keep franchise players on the team without risking being outbid on free agency. I also like the idea of adding in language to contracts so that when the time comes you can't use the franchise tag.

    Speaking of the tag... having the transitional tag and having the right to match offers. BRING BACK RESTRICTED FREE AGENTS! Putting a draft pick tender on someone and if they sign elsewhere they must give up that pick.

    That's all. Just make the game more enjoyable by giving us all the options in roster building that any real NFL team would have.
  • Please fix the legacy ratings and add HOF players to it so we know how are players are compared to some of the greatest Pro Football players to ever play. Also in the past 3 years I noticed it’s hard to get defensive players to win DPOY and feel like this is broken because simply they do not have enough stats compared to the AI controller players so plz make a fix to that. Also it would be dope if you added player models with blonde tipped dreads,been wanting to have tht player for a while and just generally add more player faces to the creation .
  • Just wanted to say! I love the new upgrade system in CFM. I will miss the old way but this new upgrade at random is nice.
  • I really wish they would bring back the Free Agent contract "type" option. In Madden 2010, I could front load the FA contract, or have it distributed evenly yearly, or back load the contract. This was great because I could really better control my salary cap, instead of signing contracts now that are so backloaded the cap it almost doubles at the end of the contract.
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