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Unable to share play my Madden 18 on ps4.

Every time i try to share play my Madden 18 on ps4 with my buddy he gets the message that he cant view it because it hasnt been released in his country or region, he lives in the same country and state i live in, help? I contacted EA and was told to come here and post the problem.


  • After many phone calls to Sony and EA, I have an answer. It’s because they removed the standard edition from the PS Store. When the PS4 looks for the game to make sure it’s okay for you to shareplay, it doesn’t find it.

    But my friend and I figured out a way to solve the problem. Have the person that doesn’t own the game go to Redbox and rent it. That person needs to install the game on their PS4. Once that’s done, they can return the game and you should be able to shareplay with them again.

    It seems that once both of you have the files on your PS4, it doesn’t have any trouble verifying that the game has been released.
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