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Stars Mode Contracts

First time doing the Stars Mode and my QB is 97 OVR by the time his first contract ends. Team gives me an offer all year but I saw no way to see what it was. It was just accept or decline. So I waited out the season to see what FA would be like. Apparently that was a mistake.

Enter FA and get a couple offers from some terrible teams. My original team doesn't even make an offer. Market value is in the in the 125 mil range and none of the contracts come even close, one was even half market value. Frankly I would have taken that half market deal to stay with my original team. But there is no option to negotiate at all. No option to do anything at all when it comes to selling your services to a team. You get offers and it is take it or leave it. You would think a mode dedicated to just your one player, you would be able to a little more than that.

Frankly, having played a few franchises before this mode, I shouldn't be surprised. But in franchise modes, I never see highly rated players sitting in FA.

So being unsigned after FA, I figured no big deal, a team that doesn't get a QB in FA/Draft will surely send me an offer. Nope. Plenty of teams have crappy QB's and not one offer comes my way. This is stupid.
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