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Franchise | Update on Trade Meter

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Dear Franchise Community Members,

Our team is aware of an issue with the trade meter in Franchise mode. We’re working on a fix as quickly as possible and apologize for the inconvenience. We’ll have more info on specific timing of a fix soon.


2/26/2018 Update: A fix for the trade meter will go live on Tuesday, February 27th at 10AM ET.

2/19/2018 Update: A fix for the trade meter has been submitted to Sony/Microsoft and we are waiting for approvals. Once the approvals have been made, we will communicate an exact date on when the fix will go live.
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  • Will EA bring back the QB vision for Madden or at least make it optional 4 gamers that want 2 use it for better ball placement and better passing accuracy PLEASE??!!!!
  • How is it that Madden games made almost 13yrs ago, has better game play, better plays to call (both Offensive & Defensive) & better animations & reactions than Madden 25, 16, 17, or 18?? Hhmmm
  • This needs a massive facelift. We should be able to trade more than 3 assets to a team. Look at NHL's trading system as a platform to use. The logic is awful too. Fix this please
  • Will it bring back the pro bowl anytime soon and the create a play
  • I too liked the feature from a few years ago of being able to 'create a play'!!
  • EA needs to bring back the online modes they had on the ps2 back on madden 19
  • Bring create a play back too
  • Also bring back mini camp
  • Let's not worry about bringing features back yet and let's get what we got right first like the trade meter being put back
  • Can we please be allowed to trade more than 3 things and please allow like 3 team trades!
  • How is this still not fixed? It's unbelievable how an entire game mode goes this long broken and almost no support from the developers. Why do you guys always have to screw over the non-mut players!
  • I would think this would be an easy fix - revert back to pre-update code...
  • I too liked the feature from a few years ago of being able to 'create a play'!!

  • Things that would improve franchise mode:
    - Obviously the Trade Meter
    - Ability to Choose Captains
    - 5 Trade Assets instead of 3
    - Better Trade Logic (RB's are OP in Trades)
    - Return of Mini Camp
    - Better Variety/Realistic Faces of Draftees
    - Create a Team
    - Create a Uniform (Full Customization)
    - More Customization when Making a HC
    - Expand the Coaching Staff (OC, DC, etc.)
    - Expand Front Office (GM, Asst. GM, etc.)
    - More Detailed Development Rate (0-99)
    - Ability to Play the Pro Bowl (Maybe?)

    The players playing franchise mode are always ignored and there is too much focus being put into MUT, when even a fifth of the focus could make Franchise Mode so much more fun.
  • Honestly based on the past few years it feels like with the amount of $$ EA makes with MUT and a new generation of gamers that doesn't know any better- Franchise, and significant NON animation based gameplay is not even in consideration for improvement. This is a pay to play game now with MUT as its face. Sad
  • I'd be happy with the trade-interest meter at this point.
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    Dilly Dilly
  • This is extremely disappointing. I cannot believe that we don't have a fix for this now. I can't even understand how EA was able to create a title update that removed this. I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to coding or anything like this, but this is unacceptable. My online league is currently in limbo, since we're supposed to be starting the offseason and we can't run any trades.

    Really hoping this gets fixed soon. All this has done is make my Madden 18 experience worse.
  • I've been playing Madden since 2001. Bought the game every year since. Recently I have been more vocal about the current state of Madden on Reddit.

    Feb 1 - I posted on r/Madden that the trade system in Madden was flawed. Many people agreed that it was easy to take advantage of the CPU teams. I mentioned that EA needs to work on the evaluation system.

    Feb 10 - I notice that the trade meter went away, as soon as the other team declines your trade, you get kicked back to the trade menu screen and have to start from scratch. I posted it on r/madden and the thread blew up. Someone reached out to John White and they said "oops" and would fix it

    Feb 19 - EA posts that they have the fix and waiting for Sony to approve.

    To EA,

    You have been one of the best game developers. You need better testers. Yes, I'd love to help.
    After the backlash your company received over Star Wars Battlefront II, I thought you would actually learn something.

    Your loyal customer that is running out of patience,

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