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Weekend League | Changes to Weekend League Reward Structure

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Dear Madden Ultimate Team Community,

Earlier this week, we shared some information on some of the changes coming to Weekend League. You can find more detailed information in the original post here.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's talk about the changes to the Weekend League Reward Structure starting this Thursday. There are some things we want to highlight before we dig into the WL Reward Structure.
  • Now when you claim your WL Rewards, for the tier that you placed, you will now get a Quicksell Pack. We noticed that many people said they did not receive their coin rewards. After checking these accounts, community members did get their rewards, but they clicked through the reward screen too quickly. This change should solve that issue.
  • Weekend League Packs have been revamped and renamed. The names of the new packs and their rewards are below:
    • Hail Mary Pack: Consists of 2 70+, 1 65+, 4 60+ OVR player items
    • Midfield Pack: 2 75+, 2 70+, 3 60+ OVR player items
    • Red Zone Pack: 1 80+, 2 75+, 4 70+ player items
    • Touchdown Pack: 1 85+ OVR, 2 87+ OVR OVR player items of which you can chose one player item from this pack.
  • Going forward, for the higher tier packs (Red Zone/Touchdown), you will receive a Fantasy Pack that will allow you to chose either the pack or a guaranteed quicksell value. Below are the guaranteed quicksell options for the Red Zone/Touchdown Packs:
    • Red Zone Pack: 30K
    • Touchdown Pack: 80K
Below is a detailed breakdown of the Weekend League Rewards structure.


As Weekend League Rewards gets updated, we will post updates in the EA Forums.


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