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Madden Mobile - STILL haven't been reimbursed or received the rewards for completing them

It hasn't been fixed.. I was told several different things from each representive I spoke with. 1 said I would receive my 600 Madden cash back once I made an EA account and attached screenshots; I did exactly that, yet I still wasn't refunded my 600 Madden cash. The 2nd EA representative I spoke with told me that what the 1st person I spoke with was incorrect. He then proceeded to tell me they're working on it and usually situations like this they will extended the Event(which the event is completely over now), or that it what I just said above doesn't happen; I'd be reimbursed my 600 Madden Cash. Which I still have yet to receive.. then any live event or even any of my achievements I would complete, I was not receiving any of the rewards. So I called again and was given the round about excuse that it's be resolved if I report it as a bug. I then asked if it is a bug in the game it would affect several If not all users playing... But I was the only one in my league not receiving any of the rewards. All my league members and my roommate even received the rewards for league achievements and I didn't receive anything..

- I am an active loyal member to this game since 2015. That being said I feel that I have every right to be reimbursed..
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