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Lagging and Glitch Issues

What’s up with this lagging and glitching stuff madden? With all of the technology and all of the equipment you guys work with all the time it’s an excuse not to get it right. I would love to speak the an EA official to get the gameplay right. The game we play is not football. It’s the most arcade version of realistic football you could ever play. I mean come on man get this right. I’m tired of the excuses.


  • If only that were the problem, the game mechanics are always being fiddled with to degrade all of your hard work getting that new player, that they break many internal numbers maths. We get our Always Stumble Bo Jackson and Always Drop Passes 97 overall Calvin, now that its down in price and interest. But its just a game which we can walk away with our wallets intact when Red Dead and otherProper Mechanically Built games release. Been a rough ride but I can only blame myself for the stupidity of my love for Football and time to just watch more than play that anger inducing boil.
  • I was playing weekend lg, I was up 21-0 in 1st quarter, it asked the opponent if he wanted to quit, he chose to keep playing and when we were waiting for the game to start, he pulled the plug and the game glitched out and have him the win
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