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PS4 Madden 2019 Off-Season/Draft Roster

Sup guys, first time poster, long time Madden player since the 2001 PS1 days. Just wanted to share my Madden 2018 PS4 offseason roster for anyone who plays. I have been working on it for about two months now. It has all the current free agency, trades, and practice squad players available on all current 32 teams.

I couldn't find an adequate roster to my liking so I decided to build one for the true hardcore fans and players.

I am currently finishing the first and second round draft prospects which will be added to the free agency pool. I will continuously update the roster with new prospects when they are completed. Every prospect is built using ESPN's Scouts Inc Insiders, with accurate birthdays, faces, and attributes when given.
You can find it on the PS4 community files

Username: Unfadeable21
File name: MADDEN2019

Any questions, comments, or suggestions are appreciated!


  • I am using ESPN Insiders Scouts Inc to build the rookies from scratch with accurate ratings, details (birthdates, hometowns, photos, etc).

    So far I am completing the corner backs right now as they are the lost of the 1st-2nd round prospects on my current list.
  • I just finished the first two rounds of prospects, the top 68.
  • I just finished the top 100 prospects. I'm capped out on making anymore draft players so I will just be updating free agency, trades, numbers etc.
  • Just finished adding rounds 1 through 6 rookies
  • You said you are "capped out on making anymore draft players"

    I didn't know there was a limit to the number of players we are allowed to create?!?! :-(
    I downloaded the roster that had the most DL's
    The description was fantastic with all the updated draft picks etc.
    But I wanted to create my own player, along with family members, friends, fictitious characters, and the 2 Long Shot characters Devin Wade and Colt Cruise. I created them both, then went to the rosters of their teams and they weren't there. Checked free agency and they weren't there either.
    Do you know what's up with this?
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