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For the past two days when Madden 18 loads I have been receiving errors downloading Tuning Set, Play Call Data, Rosters, etc). Also, in game no downloadable content is available. MUT Cards are missing images, all the title images for solos, challenges, etc are missing.

I have tried to submit a ticket through EA Help but that site seems to be having issues as well.

Is anyone else experiencing these problems?

I have tried deleting saved game data as suggested in other forums but no luck.

Any assistance/guidance would be appreciated

Edit to update - I am on PS4 but I have seen reports of Xbox users also having this issue

Disregard! I have multiple internet connections, I switched my primary and my secondary and the problem went away. I suspect this is a carrier issue.


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  • I've been feeling the same issues. Ruining CFL.
  • Can you make your phone a WiFi hotspot? I suggest trying that and connecting your console to that network just to see if your download issues go away. That's s pretty solid way to determine if it's your ISP.
    "Just the tip" - Sterling Archer
  • Havent been able to download my madden all week since sunday called up to ea still havent solve issue how long till itll be fix
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