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H2H ranking will not show

My head to head ranking will not show and has not shown up for about three months now. I have called customer support and they had me power cycle my xbox one and uninstall and reinstall the game and even call my network provider and open ports and none of that worked. They said that they forwarded the issue to the studio but it has been a while now and no response from the studio. They also said that my account probably is not linking up with the leaderboards.


  • @EA_ROGER like what do ya'll do all day? Obviously it is not provide solutions in order to improve the gameplay experience by providing a solution to problems on these forums. @Easports you all should be ashamed of yourselves for providing zero customer service to the plenty of people whom bought your game and posted to the very medium that is supposed to fix in game issues. Never again will I get duped into buying another of your titles.
  • I've been playing Madden for years and I've always been ranked. But for some reason I'm not ranked now. I've beat ranked people with worst records than mine. Don't know why EA sports won't rank me.
  • Same...
  • I don't have a rank any more after I went on 17 game win streak. Please tell me what to do to get my rank back. It's my farvorite part if madden!
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