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Missing UL giveaway Bruce smith

I am missing the 84 Bruce smith UL giveaway and am now a player short to complete the set, can you pleas help me, case number 41402423.. please help I play this game daily I’m not sure how I’m missing it.


  • You mkore then likely put him in a set. The giveaway players are not locked from being used in sets. Im sorry if this happened. Next time immediately move the giveaway to the set.
  • I do. As soon as I get the legend give aways I move them to the set as soon as they come in so this don’t happen. It seems like I am not the only person missing a player and when contact ea help Center they say there’s lots of people that are missing a player.
  • I have contacted ea help they tell me to come here then nothing happens from here, I never received my Bruce smith ultimate legend giveaway. As soon as the cards come in on Saturday I put them into the set. I’m a card short for this weekend to complete the ultimate legend giveaway. Kind of frustrating when play the game daily and this **** happens. I hope ea will actually fix this.

    Case numbe...41402423
  • NatureBoy2323
    2886 posts Game Changer
    Yes we do, but there is nothing we can do here at forum level. I have sent your information over to one of our Admins to take a look at it.
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