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Lots of Problems

Over the past few months (probably a year now…), I have attempted to reach out to resolve several issues I have encountered with Madden 18. EA has done nothing to amend these issues. This post will be proceeded by a list of the issues that I have encountered. If the community would like to add to the list, please do so below! If I have made an error and have overlooked a solution or one of the issues is a “feature and not a bug”, also post below to let me know how to fix it for myself. Thanks!
(EA_Roger… I have amended this post so as to avoid violation of the forum rules. Before attempting to ban me again, I would enjoy having a nice little chat with you by email or even by phone.)

1) On certain extra points, a notification will pop-up directly over the kick meter. The notification is in regards to the previous play being recorded. I understand this can be turned off in the Xbox settings, but doing so eliminates all notifications from the Xbox, some of which I find useful (eg. a friend coming online). An EA support representative told me this was not something controlled by the game and was part of the Xbox. Unfortunately, this is mostly a lie. Unless someone from Microsoft is watching me play, and manually selecting when to record clips, the game is sending the request to the Xbox to record. Therefore, the origin of the request is with the game, not the Xbox.

2) Defensive players will occasionally not properly assume formation. I know, I know, maybe I bumped the controller and the game thought I was trying to move so the player didn't auto-move. I get that. What I don't get, is why I can take the field as a defensive player on the defensive line (not selecting any other players), and a safety or corner won't take their proper position. Most often, this occurs in the Cover 3 or Cover 4 formation, and one of the safeties won't move into deep coverage. Instead, they may stand near the linebackers. When the play-art is shown with the left trigger, it shows their zone far downfield. This causes major issues when trying to defend against third-and-long passes. Often times, the failed coverage scheme allows the opposing team to pick up a first down when the receivers are inadequately covered.

3) The ball physics are improperly developed. Often times, a deflected pass or dropped pass will be launched up into the air. I have seen a football deflected ten or twenty yards away. This seems like highly improbable physics to me. Now, why does this matter? It matters when a quick slant route of five yards can have a tipped pass fall 15 yards into the hands of the safety downfield. That's why.

4) Drive goals are terribly written. I have had stupid goals pop-up, such as a defensive goal of MY quarterback to catch an interception. My quarterback isn't on the field, so... how do I do that? Am I missing something here?

5) (Similar to 4.) The game goals are messed up. Often times, I have a goal to get three rushing touchdowns or four passing touchdowns. Any offensive touchdown will count towards these goals. Why is this an issue? It's not really, except for the fact that EA is a major publisher and could at least proofread their game/script properly.

6) Ball spotting can be extremely inaccurate. I have had incidents where I will sack a quarterback several yards into the end zone, a clear sack. The game will spot the ball outside the end zone and simply call a sack, not a safety. Understandable. Referees make bad calls all the time and coaches have to challenge. Except that the challenge does not work in these cases. The ruling on the field is upheld. Similarly, this occurs occasionally when scoring a touchdown. The ball will cross the plane of the end zone, and the runner will be marked down on the goal line or several inches away. The replay function is very useful in identifying that the ball does indeed cross the plane or that the quarterback was sacked in the end zone.

7) Injuries. On the default injury setting, a team will quickly lose all the most important players. I have moved the setting down to 15 and this seems to have helped. One downside of this though, is that two of my players are the only ones that get injured now. Despite having high injury ratings, three several week long injuries have happened to both in two seasons. Additionally, notice that the players injured are always the best ones out there? Never the average players, but your all-star players? Happens all the time. On offense this is easy to understand, as running backs, quarterbacks, and wide receivers are always being tackled. Defense though? Why does the star SS go down with a broken arm or broken ribs, when not even involved in the play? Or the star end goes down when three other people with lesser injury ratings were involved in the tackle as well?

8) EA Support. This isn't necessarily and issue with the game, more-so of the company. Contacting EA support is worthless. They respond back quickly enough with generic responses. Each time you correspond with the support, a different person contacts back, wanting to know more about the problem. One might begin to think that EA is using bots to staff their support department.

9) Onside Kick Camera Angles. On an onside kick as the receiving team, the camera does a quite terrible job of showing the ball. With the camera mode I use, the play is over before the ball is even on-screen after the kick. This leaves no opportunity to influence the outcome of the play, leaving everything up to chance.

10) Repeating False Start Penalties. On occasion (usually once or twice per game) the CPU line will have multiple (ranging from three to seven) false start penalties in a row. This usually occurs when the CPU is losing and close to scoring. The result is that the game becomes unrealistic in the extreme. I have yet to see an NFL team move themselves back 40 yards from repeating penalties.

11) THE HIT STICK. This is one of the biggest annoyances I have encountered in Madden 18. QB throws the ball to the receiver, I switch to the corner or safety covering him, I push the hit stick forward, and… the player does a generic hit stick move, completely misses the receiver and lets him get a ton of yardage. This also occurs on run plays if you aren’t ‘close’ enough. A linebacker can be running full speed and a couple yards out when the hit stick is used and go through the motions mere inches from the players without making contact. Why was this function changed from previous Madden editions? The old functions worked just fine.

12) Can’t Snap the Ball Glitch. I admit that this one is rare, but still SHOULD NOT happen. Ever line up under center and press the button to snap the ball only to have nothing happen? I’ve had it a couple times. Then I have to take a delay of game penalty or waste a time out. So far, this hasn’t happened in a critical situation, but I can only imagine what is going to happen when it does. I’ll send the bill for my new TV to EA Tiburon. (NOTE: That was a joke, not a threat.)
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