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Madden NFL 20 - Gridiron Notes: February Title update

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Objectives & Progress: MUT Master Issue

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edited May 2018
PS4 in
MUT MASTER 20/22 Complete
1: Complete 8 Team Leaders Sequences when selected by ‘X’ the Screen Changes to the a Stadium Screen with Fans wiggling around & nothing Occurs when ‘X’ is selected, Help button provides Left End & EndZone image of Stadium in Color Right side of Stadium covered by Box description but NO BOX is appearing available to Select ‘O’ is for Back when Selected I leave the Challenge back to Objectives & Progress Reselect ‘Complete 8 Team Leaders Sequences’ same scenario REOCCURS.

2. Complete 8 Team Leader Sets 4/8 Completed
I need rewards earned of Silver & Golden Tokens in Challenges Please & Tokens for Sale are Cheapest at 20,000 Coins I currently have 2,000 Coins & 20,000 Coins is Cheapest Price found in a Long While most are on Sale in Past for HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS COINS I earned Tokens before but currently have 0 & didn’t find them all in Sets yet & they may be gone can they be more Token Reward Challenges/Games for Both Silver & Gold Team Tokens

Personal Griefs
I talked to EA REPS in the Past multiple times & even recently but Today since Issue still exists I discover thanks to Assistance on how to Contact you so please fix this ASAP my Competiveness is getting too Frustrated, SORRY
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