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Madden 19 Changes

One can only hope it’s not too late for them to make some of these changes. I’ve played a ton of franchise mode for years, so I have thoughts.
Add mock draft. And more realistic draft trades. You never get offered the 2 first rounds for and a couple of others for someone to move up. And add more to scouting.
News should be bigger and more in depth. Especially super bowl week. Show a screen shot of the winning team for the news. Add the Rams Chargers stadium. And do the super bowl locations properly. They are laid out till 2025.
Add Offensive and Defensive Coordinators. More in depth coaching choices.
Ability to name captains. So a patch will be on the proper players.
Expansion or Better moving details. Including ability to use custom logos and team names/TD field designs.
Completely redo legacy board or get rid of it. I’ve won 4 Super Bowls and stayed behind the Jets in the legacy board. Doesn’t make sense.
New or more custom options with Stadium. And redo the likelihood of a team replacing theirs. I once saw the Steelers replace Heinz field in 2020. That’s not going to happen.
The player development works well.
Should be able to talk to players before they retire. Or find out from them. It’s hard to scout a replacement QB, if you don’t know your franchise is going to retire.
Add custom draft class.
Add ability to import results. So you can start the your franchise in the middle of the real season with the current results. Or fans can import custom results. What happens if the Chargers have a terrible year? Will you take over and rebuild.

Add if there’s something else you think should be added.


  • Also better history, show us a list of the super bowl results
  • Also, add back that receivers run their own routes in CFM without player interaction.
  • It's definitely too late for them to make significant changes. But I'm surely hoping that they actually paid attention to Franchise this year. Madden used to be such a big part of my life. I've personally bought every one since Eddie George was on the cover with the exception of 18. Never thought that would happen, but now I'm expecting to pass on this game again this year. Really no reason to upgrade from 17 since I only play franchise and they ignore that mode for the most part.
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