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Weekend League Update | Weekend League Issue & Weekly Weekend League Rewards

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Hey Madden Ultimate Team Community,

Over the weekend, there were reports that some individuals were able to play more than 25 games in Weekend League. After further investigation and auditing, our teams found the issue and took the necessary actions.

Not last week, but the previous weekend, users were experiencing Online Connectivity issues that were impacting their online H2H experience. Unfortunately, the issue was out of our control due to an internet backbone outage; however, our teams felt it was important to address this issue. As a result, we ended up making the decision to make Weekend League open to the public again this last weekend and enabling double XP last Saturday and Sunday. You can find all the details in the original post here.

In the process of making the decision to open up Weekend League this past weekend due to the online connectivity issues the prior weekend, this decision was made after the Knockout Round had launched in game. This resulted in a small number of users (12 exactly) accidentally getting an additional entry into Weekend League for another 25 games. These individuals will be removed from the Weekend League Leaderboards for this week; however, they will be receiving rewards based on their win/lose record for 25 games only.

Now that the investigation has concluded, our teams will work on issuing the Weekly Weekend League Rewards shortly. These rewards will start rolling out around 6:00PM EDT.

We expect that everyone should have their Weekend League Weekly Rewards within 24 hours or sooner. If you have not received your rewards by tomorrow at 6:00PM ET, please contact help.ea.com.

Thank you for your patience and understanding on this matter. Have a great day!



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