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Realistic Field Deformation for Madden 19 and Future Maddens

I think this feature would push the gameplay to another level of realism. The graphics in this game cane only get so good. The developers will always try to MAX out the graphics every year. Lets create a team of developers to create an ever changing field deformation. The field changes colors from the start of the game to the end of the game but it doesn't physically deform. This would bring one of the biggest design and features to the madden franchise. In the NFL plays get broken in many ways. One of the ways a offensive or defensive player makes a big play is simply because the player slipped, fell down, field came out from under him, fell down, slipped, tried to plant and went down, weather, rain, and the field just sucks. We see a lot where a WR is wide open because the defender tried to make a cut to stay with him and slipped on the field leading to a HUGE play. Same for the defensive side QB throws a ball but the WR slipped and the CB intercepts the ball. All of this has to do with the Field Deformation as the game progresses and the field deteriorates. Imagine all of the moments we can have because a player fell, slipped, tripped, or got caught up. You throw weather right into this Field Deformation and you have a much different game on your hand. Imagine it pouring down rain or snow and have someone tackles you to the ground you slide another 2 yards that would be PURE realism. Having the ball slip through a WR's hands or a Defenders hand because it's raining or snowing. Not being able to stop on a dime because snow and rain on the field. patches of grass and turf being ripped up and giving away on certain plays. The animations that can be introduced for the field deformation can be endless and thrilling. When a offensive lineman losses his traction because the grass gave away on him giving a huge play for the defense. The toe drags on the sidelines, touchdowns, back of the end zones, and for the first downs. I personally think this Idea would be great for the game. It would change the dynamic for madden. I understand it is probably to late for Madden 19 but Madden 20 can be special if this is included. I would also like to see on a big hit on a WR, RB, or a defender the screen has a quick jerk shake on the screen when he gets hit big. Not only would be feel it but we would also see it on screen also. I would love to help out with the field deformation option I work in this kind of field. let me know what you think?! Funky Flanders
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