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Madden NFL 20 - Gridiron Notes: April Title update

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Loyal EA fan here, own lots of games and have spent a good deal of money on them.

I spent a huge amount of time and money acquiring Brett Kern, a 98 punter, to fulfill the Position Heroes objectives. My son who is a budding Madden fan just quicksold him for 500 coins without really understanding what he was doing. That's a net loss of 300,000k coins. I know there's a small safeguard, but is it just me or is it WAY too easy to quicksell valuable cards. This card is lost forever.... there's no buyback option like in other games (Diablo, etc).

Is there 1) any way for EA to help refund this sale? and 2) any way for EA to add buyback options for cards like this? Why would anyone in their right mind quicksell a Position Hero? I see no reason to include this option at all.
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