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Weekend League Issue | People Playing More Than 25 Games

137 posts EA Community Manager
Hey Madden Ultimate Team Community,

During this week's Weekend League, there were some individuals that took advantage of the ability of playing more than 25 games. After further review and discussion, our teams have made the following decision to remove these individuals from this week's Weekend League Weekly Rewards. Competitors understand that Weekend League is based on 25 games and people playing more than 25 games are actively trying to cheat the system and that will not be tolerated.

Please note that all users (including those who played over 25 games) will still retain their monthly wins from their first 25 games as part of their Monthly Weekend League Rewards that will be granted later this month.

Weekly Weekend League Rewards should be going out on this Tuesday after our teams have completed the audit. We will announce the time once we have more details. If there are any delays on Weekly Weekend League Rewards we will let everyone know through a forums post.

Have a great day!



  • Okay so I got 19 wins which should of got me top 100 on my Nyko 2x account, however due to the glitch I only received Elite 1 rewards and I'm very upset about it. Please fix this issue or I will be even more upset.
  • Same, on XBOX, the offenders were not removed from the leaderboards and the highly motivated M18 content people sent out the rewards before they were removed, screwing over about 40 people out of they true awards... This **** ....
  • I only won 21 games and didn't do the other 25 games and still haven't gotten my rewards does that mean I'm not going to?
  • makins5429
    6 posts New member
    Why does ea punish people for the glitch honestly the best competition is in the weekend leaque. Which makes it more competive then regular season so people want to play more games and who has time to play 50 games in 3 days. Maybe they thought since everyone else had extra 25 games that they could play. As well.
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