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Collectibles stuck in expired sets...

I have 120 Powerline Collectibles in Bradley McDougall's set that expired last week. I can see them still there when going to add new Powerline collectibles to the Boss Emblem set. Historically, collects in expired sets get automatically moved to "My Items", which did not happen this time. I've seen some expired sets still with collectibles stuck. EA is directing everyone here to post to the Forum. Any thoughts on how to fix it ourselves?


  • Have you figured this out yet, having the same problem?
  • I have the same issue also ... would like to know how to get those collectibles back. I have about 60 Powerline ones in an expired set plus some gold Stacked players in a set
  • I am having the same problem. And was told to post here as well. I have well over 200 collectibles stuck in various different sets that I could build 3to4 boss tokens with. Why is nobody @EA addressing this issue? This is a system wide issue that needs to get fixed. Everyone in my league has this same issue. These are collectibles that we have earned through game play and pack purchases and need to be made available to use as we see fit.
  • Why is nobody @EA addressing this issue?

  • Nobody in EA cares. Keep feeding the cash wheel. I have spoken by phone and nothing has been resolved.
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