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Co-op online franchise play... PLEASE.

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I would love if Madden 19 would have co-op online franchise play. Meaning friends can be on the same team while playing over for example playstation network. It would be so fun to have a dynamic duo with my friend in the secondary as the two safeties for the same team. I honestly can't wrap my head around why this is not a feature. Please at least add this in Madden 19. The last time this was a feature was in Madden 25 and since then Madden has not been the same.



  • levy9908
    3 posts New member
    amen. wont buy if it doesnt have this
    1 posts New member
    Is this really not possible? My buddy and I's purchase hinges on this feature on PC.
  • My friend and I would like this to be put into the game also. On PS4 we were able to party up and then join upon invite as it would simulate being connected to his PS4...but on PC this seems to be nowhere to be found!
  • rkirk30
    3 posts New member
    Yes!! Please put this in the game!!
  • B1ggah
    2 posts New member
    yes plz EA make this possible i don't buy madden games anymore because this feature isn't in the game and i have no clue why. all i wanna do is create a player (QB) and my friend create his player (RB/WR) (or if he wants to make a defensive player he can do that too) and we play through seasons together on the same team... everything would work as normal in a regular franchise as if it were single player but instead he upgrades his player and i upgrade mine. EA make this happen not everyone likes mut i just wanna play against the CPU with a friend on my team in a fantasy draft where we both get drafted to the same team like in real life... its funny how u cant play TEAM SPORT video games with friends but instead have to play with the CPU only. LMAO.
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