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Field Goal Glitch/Bug

When I try and kick a field goal or punt the ball in game, my player kicks the ball all the way off to the left corner and out of the field. I pull back on the stick and aim the curve at the goalposts but he still kicks it out. Why does he does this. I pull back on the stick for more drive, aim at the goal directed where he should kick, And he kicks off to far left corner of the football field and out of the field and I am awarded a penalty when I was aiming at the goal. This issue is very frustrating. So basically I can't kick a straight goal unless I aim my stick to the far right and the controller starts vibrating (which should mean I am way off target) I get the accuracy meter starting and then he will kick it straight but this is inconsistent and inconvenient. Even when there is no wind he won't kick straight. Can't punt or kick field goals straight no matter what! Please help!
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