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Madden 19 Needs

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edited June 2018
Just based off of the gameplay I've seen I am hoping EA actually looks at their forums to see what needs to be fixed because there are a few things I have noticed that will keep Madden 19 from looking as good as possible. 1. Players upper torso is too long, makes the player look funny in a way especially with their shoulder pad height. 2. Alot of the player models helmet is slightly too big for their body (mainly with Jonathon Joseph). 3. This is probably the most important, seeing as it took countless years to add a single arm band I doubt EA will ever get the hint about putting over the mouth, mouth pieces. This I dont understand why it is not in the game already seeing as majority of NFL players (Running Backs, Receivers, Linebackers and Defensive backs) all use it, also it was in Madden 2002 so WTH EA. Do something new this time with your game instead of just a roster update and the addition of Longshot. Hopefully you (EA) will actually see this forum as a way to update the game.
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