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Draft Classes

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I will totally begin with the fact that I know this may just be me...

But I would total trade the ability to edit draft classes if they would just overhaul the scouting system. We are supposed to be getting realistic football, but the current system is far from realistic. We basically have a system where a scout says "here are the details of player X... but i could only tell you one thing that he's good at. "

If the real world worked the way EA says, when the 5th round of the draft comes, the GM would say "oh no... I don't know who we will draft. All of the guys we scouted have been taken." Come on, EA. You can do better than this!!

In the real world, all teams pretty much scouted the all of the players in the draft. You just get different evaluations. You can easily replicate this in Madden. All of the ratings are revealed, but with a +/- range. The better your personnel department is, the smaller the range, thus more accurate the rating will be.

Sheesh... I really cannot believe that scouting has been untouched but gee... thank you for improving this longshot nonsense. Knowing that this stupid thing has taken away from other important areas, I hate it even more.
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