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Looking for a sim league to replace one that shut down

I have been playing and running sim leagues since the PC days 2002. I switched over to console in 2010 after playing a few years of final PC version in 08. I only play in two leagues every year. One league I am a commissioner in, my second league just informed us they are shutting down for good. I was my home town Eagles in that league.

I am now looking to replace that league but I will be looking for my Eagles since in my league another member has them already for M19.

I am looking for a solid league, good rules that make people beat their oppt, not the flaws of the game. A league with adult owners that are looking for a fun game, not running the same few plays over and over. A league where they are respectful in the chat. I do like to use my own custom playbook and I stream every single game for future viewing on youtube.

Please let me know through PM or reply here if anyone has what Im looking for. I do have both Groupme and Discord. Thank you
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